{CT}-DaNk-ToKeR brings us Smokey{CT} skin. Guess what model it’s based on …… ding ding ding you got it it’s a Reborn, but has a lot of cool...


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{CT}-DaNk-ToKeR brings us Smokey{CT} skin. Guess what model it’s based on …… ding ding ding you got it it’s a Reborn, but has a lot of cool extras like most of Toker’s work does. Plenty of added sounds and the main taunt is so funny. The shader in use is pretty good and works well this model, don’t get hypnotized by the eyes during game play. Toker has also added a default skin that when used if others don’t have this skin and you are using it they will see the Reborn model and not the Kyle model.

The skin comes with so many taunts that are kind of useless and take a lot of time to download. Toker used Chroma Key and NEO's Reborns as a base for his work and fit the theme he was aiming for. Great work as usual try trimming some of the sounds and maybe try a new model.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Title-		/Smokey{CT}
Author -		/ {CT}-DaNk-ToKeR
WebSite -	/URL://
Contact-		/You can contact me N {CT} Chronic Tokers Clan Forums Or on our Server's

Build Time-	/4 Hours & 20 min+
File size-		/???????
Date Released-	/06/12/03
Instalation-	/Put pk3 into JK2 Gamedata/Base  File

Description-	/A Reborn with Lot's of custom sounds,Red Blinking Eye's,shaders for added intrest & A Reborn/default_smokey{CT} which is same as Smokey{CT} except when used poeple without this skin will see you as a Reborn NOT Kyle :) Yet that 1 does NOT work on game types like TFFA or CTF so that's why there is a Basic Smokey{CT} which works allways :)

Comments- 	/This skin has been fully tested, Reborn replacements will not afect this.Also this will give all reborns NEW sounds & all reborns red blinking eyes except default has normal eyes.. This Will NOT replace Reborn.....

Credit-		/2 skins where used 4 some parts and they recive full credit for there work and I hope they like what i did with them :)
		/Credit Goes 2 maker of "Chroma_Key" & Maker of "NEO's Reborns", 4 there hard work on there Reborn's

Disclaimer-	/I spent A Lot of time getting this skin just right no bugs that I havnt fixed
		/I Do NOT give the right for ANY1 2 use this shader's or anything else in this File Without "MY Permission" .I researve the right 2 Kick you're ass if you do, Or if you hide in you're home I researve the right 2 Hunt you down and make you Suffer and DIE slow as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Thanks-	/Big Thanks too ALL CT's for helping me test this skin.Mainly- X, Let's Do This, Rinoa, Qui-Jon, & the rest of CT's Thanks A Lot :) O & I Thank Chronic and Hashish for They are what kept me skinning when I was stuck on bugs and error's :)

-Bot Support -tryrebornbot?No? -New Sounds -YES- Team Color Support -YES-


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