Snow and Ice Duel



just goes to show, JK2 might be an old girl, but she still has the legs to keep going!This is a fairly large duel map, though it can also be used for a smallish FFA as well and is centred around two landing platforms surrounded by snowy mountains, which have to be some of the best terrain work I have ever seen in a JK2 map. There is an AT-ST under shelter at one end of the map and also a small control room where you can come in from the cold, and the snow! There is no custom music, but the base JK2 music used fits the map very well and occasionally there is also the screech of a Tie Fighter to be heard as it flies past and lands on one of the platforms before taking off again, which adds some extra life to the map.My favourite part however has to be that great rotating antenna up on the mountain top, I love the detail in the trestle construction and those great little rotating bits; moving thing always make a map more lively!Personally I think this could make a great large sized FFA map; you could make the door behind the AT-ST lead to a hangar where the AT-ST's are kept and serviced and instead of having a small control room in that cabin, you could have a passage leading to an underground control center and storage facility. That way you could double the map in size without having to alter that great looking terrain. Thats what I would be tempted to do anyway!All in all a superb quality JK2 map, its great to see maps like this still being made for JK2! And if you like this map, wait until you see Darth Arth's Naboo City map! ;)Bot Support: YesNew Textures: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Music: NoGame Types: FFA, Duel~Nozyspy~


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