Sol Clan map

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to partake in regardless. So, this here be one of Ajunta Pall's maps. I believe this is his second publically released clan map..whadda we got?This map has a centralized hub with a large SOL standard positioned in the midst of it. From here, we can reach several locales: A throne hall, a council room, two arenas, a bar, and a jail block. Speaking of Jail block, I want to comment on how strange this particular block was laid out, and how it contrasted with the quality of the rest of the map. WHile the majority of the map had a nice crisp clean feeling with many ornate pillars supporting it, the hallways leading around the secondary arena and the jailblock had some unsourced lighting and looked generally a bit more plain than the rest of the map. I could appreciate the "older" feel of this part, but the unsourced lighting? Nuh uh ._.The rest of the map was pretty well done, for the most part. I was surprised to see that there was only one custom texture. The areas were dominated by a large count of pillars in most every room. The bar room was extremely well done, considering the lack of custom materials used. The council room was also nicely conceived, though I was rather derked about the squat chairs and the fact you can literally leap out of the circular skylight in the center of the room and into non-mappery. I'd say the worst thing that plagues this map is a peculiar sound issue. A couple doorways, and even the catawlk in the annex have some zones where you sound as if you're walking through water, which I'm not sure what the cause of that is. However, nothing that would impede normal day to day gameplay.Shpart.New Textures: OneNew Music: NaySecrets to plunder: NayBot Support: Nay- Averus Retruthan


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