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Well, my goodness, the SoL clan have certainly been busy! This colossal skinpack contains at least twice as many, of not closer to three times as many skins as base JK2 does! Obviously it would be impractical for me to review each and every skin here, so I will review the pack as a whole as best I can.I should point out that although most of these skins appear to have been made by SoL clan members themselves, there are various models made by numerous authors which have either been re skinned or included in their original form, as well as a few skins by other authors that also appear to have been included in their original form.Anyway, as I said, there are a vast amount of skins here, reflecting the various personalities and personal preferences of the SoL clan members. No obviously many of these skins wont hold much interest for the average player, since they are tailored to each clan member, but there are quite a few cool skins in here that anyone could use or that do not have any particular clan references. My own personal favourites include the black and white Desann (Darth Ferocious) and theCloaked Shadowtrooper (cshadowtrooper), the skins called Skamback, Rechiss and Light Master were also pretty cool looking. What is more, many of the skins also have custom sounds and most if not all are also available as bots via the bot menu, which is pretty impressive considering the number of different skins included in this pack. Unbelievably most if not all of these skins also have team support, with some of the skins being quite different from their default team counterparts. I was particularly impressed with the Mystic Desann skin, which has a very cool animated image on its back, and a Jedi Knight logo on the front of its armour, which is a nice little touch. Personally I dont think I have ever seen an animated image on a skin before, so that is a pretty unique and striking feature. I also liked the blue team version of the Galak Mech, which is an interesting steel coloured variation on the original, with a new look visor that makes it look even more menacing than before!Most of these skins were good quality, with some standing out as being excellent quality. There were still a fair few that could do with a bit more work on the texturing though, especially making sure the textures match up and making any skin parts of the textures more natural looking. I wont mention which ones here, since, because of the group nature of the work that has been done with this skin pack, I dont want to single out any one person or make them feel like their work is not as good as their comrades. Nevertheless, I would like to see a v2 of this pack in the future, with some textural improvements to some of the skins and especially a list of the skins in the readme and who the skin belongs to, or who made it, since it would be nice to have that personal touch and to see which clan member uses each skin.All in all an impressive pack here, there are a lot of skins to choose from here, and many of them do not feature clan symbols or insignia, so, although the average player may be put off by a large clan skin pack such as this, I think it deserves your attention, as you may just find something that you like! ;)New Sounds: Yes, many of the skins have new sounds.Bot Support: Yes (Most if not all of the skins.)Team Support: Yes (Most of not all of the skins.)~Nozyspy~

First of all I must apologize to the author for the length of time this file has been waiting/ Thankfully the JK2 files queue is pretty much empty now, so we will be digging into the JKA backlog soon!This skinpack is basically an update to the original, it contains all the same skins as the original, from what I can see, but it also has the addition of two 'Battledroid Packs' which included reskins to the well used Battledroid models. One that immediately stood out to me was a sort of psychedelic (hippy?) Battledroid. Funky man!If you look in the folders in the .zip file, you will also find a few other .pk3s apart from the main SoL skinpack .pk3 which include some other goodies, such as new Reborn's and a little mod which replaces Stormtroopers ingame with HapSlash's fantastic Stormtrooper skin.One of my favourite skins still remains the black and white Desann (Darth Ferocious), Ralen Animus is also a pretty cool looking Jedi type fellow as well. I have to say though that the DJ Gran was particularly awesome, with his gold tooth, purple eyeliner (I kid you not) and his penchant for singing a little jingle when he dies!All in all then a cool and very large skinpack here, though personally I would love to see more original work from the clan members and a few less inclusions of other authors work, just to really put their stamp on the pack. While the appeal of this pack may be strongest for SoL clan members there are plenty of cool skins in here that can be used by anyone!New Sounds: Yes, many of the skins have new sounds.Bot Support: Yes (Most if not all of the skins.)Team Support: Yes (Most of not all of the skins.)~Nozyspy~Please note, due to some issues uploading this file directly to JKFiles, using the 'Download now' button below will download a .txt file with a link to the file location on GameFront, here


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