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Aidy, thinking of all those who play late at night, has created this Sounds Remix to quiet jetpack in OmniMod and JediPlus. The new sounds are much softer and quieter. Perfect for those who don't want to wake their roommates or who were just tired of the old jetpack sounds.

Pretty much they sound like small gusts of wind. Which is expected, considering how the author made the sounds anyway. ;) I would have to say that I would prefer these sounds over any jetpack scream. :) Good work.




Email : [email protected]

Web site (though not great!) : http://homepage.ntlworld.com/aidy1972

I've put together this file on behalf of all the people who play 
JK2 : Jedi Outcast through to the late hours!! (And for anyone
else like me who is starting to get annoyed with the jetpack on/off

It replaces the JediPLUS saber sounds to a more crisp sound,
and the on/off sounds are a little less harsh on speakers(Low bass
type sound that they make!)

But as I say see the Perfect EP2 blades II.txt file for credit to other sounds.
Although I did remove some of the .wav's coz I didn't see point of them being there...
Like ATST Blaster sounds, plus I didn't like the land sound he'd put in as it made
players sound like they were in high heals!! LOL! (No offence to the guy!)

The Jetpack sound, I made by sticking mic out of window during windy night!!

Some may not be too impressed but it has made game less annoying for myself
and I thought I'd share!


Put file into your MOD folder, I tested in base and didn't make a blind bit of difference!

Works in JediPLUS and OmniMOD (Great work to those people BTW)

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