SP GrayReborn



This Mod will change Kyle to a gray Reborn in SP. (I like the skin a lot :D, simple, but nice)



JEDI KNIGHT 2 SP PLAYER MOD                please read the bottom before installing

Author:		HumanError

Contact:		E-mail: [email protected]  ICQ: 105479535

Description:	This mod changes your single player model to a grey reborn model

installation:	Simply extract the files in this .zip to your base folder in your jk2 folder

Uninstall:		Simply delete the files you moved from this zip into the base folder.(Only the file from this zip!!!)

Notes:		I was waiting for somebody to do this but nobody did so i did it.  I was going for a white reborn
		but it dident work right.  When i tried white it came out fluorescent white which looked cool but
		not what i wanted so i made it grey.  If any of you want the fluorescent white one i can remake it 
		and submit it too.  Just E-mail me or icq me if you do.


This modification has no connections with the makers of Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast.
By installing this mod you take responsability for it and any damage you may cause
and cannot blame the makers of this mod or the makers of the game.  Do not include
this file with any other mod without asking first(ill probly say yes, i just like to know where
my work goes)

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