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He paced at the bridge of the Danube class starship as the damped vibrations from its powerful engine softly reverberated through the s...


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He paced at the bridge of the Danube class starship as the damped vibrations from its powerful engine softly reverberated through the structure of the ship. A worried looking lieutenant approached him rapidly, pale with trepidation. "Sir, we have some stowaways on board. They may be Sith assassins," he gulped, fear constricting his throat. Grimacing, the commander brushed his hand involuntarily against the scratched surface of his lightsaber hilt, recalling the last conflict with these dark warriors. Only he had survived their vicious sneak attack on his ship; he had to pick an entirely new crew to replace the victims of the slaughter. His face closed as his mouth grew tight. "Order the crew to the escape pods. I will face this threat alone," he ordered. "Yes, sir," came the croaked reply. The officer turned and ran for the intercom. His hand was severed as he reached for the button. The shriek of pain barely escaped his trebling lips before a second slash removed his head. A thump later, the decapitated body fell on the intercom as the unseeing eyes of the head glazed upward from its lonely position mere feet away. "Welcome, coward." The commander slid off his cloak, and drew the metallic weapon from his belt. A crackle issued from the energy blade now leaping in vibrant greens from the end of the saberhilt. The shadowy figure crouched next to the dead lieutenant rose silently, hissing at him. "Well met, rogue," he sneered the name like profanity. The blood red blade reflected into the pools of his lifeless black eyes. Suddenly he vaulted forward, his saber held above his head for a death strike. A sidestep and swing rendered the Sith weaponless, his saber smoking in pieces on the ground. The dark figure glanced frantically behind him as a foot caught him in the mouth and sent him flying against the bulkhead. He collapsed and stared through dazed and blood-soaked eyes at the brilliant violet that approached from the blur. "Bring my destiny to me, fool. If you can..." "Silence, foul creature." The commander grabbed him around the throat and threw him across the room and up to the ceiling, pressed against the cold steel. He left him there, unconscious and trapped by the Force. Exiting the command room, he navigated through the rest of the ship, empty and devoid of anyone else. By his quick calculations, there would be two remaining escape pods. He stepped into the airlock to find only one. A scowl darkened his face, and he got into the last one. Seconds later, the pod blasted toward the surface of the nearby Geonosis. It crash-landed into a cavern filled with a crimson cloud. The door gave way to a swift kick, and he swung himself to the ground. Scattered about like chaff in the wind, was his crew, dead and dismembered, lying amongst rocks, torches, and blood. A deep anger coursed through his veins, and he muttered an oath. Sensing a presence of the Force besides his own, he turned to see another cloaked figure, balancing a double-bladed lightsaber between fingertips. The being snickered at him, then vanished across a bridge into a building. He followed cautiously, tempering rage with cool logic. As his eyes grew more accustomed to the dark, he noticed a large chasm in front of him, spanned by a wooden bridge. He continued along the path, dodging traps and feeling for the aura that mocked him. After several twists and turns, he saw his harasser pause before a teleporter between two burning statues. With a taunting wave, the figure stepped into the teleporter and disappeared. Gathering together his courage and Force connection, Spector stepped through behind him... TO BE CONTINUED

This is a MP map-pack by MDN14/Spector. In it are a duel map and 2 FFAs. The duel map, Arena of Fear, is a cavern with a small building and a large dueling platform. A red fog covers the bottom of the map, and much higher up is a black fog. Torches, statues, and rock groups adorn the platform. Temple of Fear is the Arena of Fear map with a large network of passageways, caves, and deathtraps connected to it. It reminded me slightly of the Temple level in Goldeneye for N64. The Shadow is a map of Spector's Danube class flagship, the Medusa. It has a cargo area, a hangar, a power room, and a control room. There are a few elevators and secret passages that allow movement between the levels.

The architecture and design in all of the maps was phenomenal. I enjoyed playing all of them, and was thrilled to find bot support. The atmosphere the music set conincided with the feelings I got from just looking at the maps. As usual, Spector has again impressed me. I watch the future of this mapper with avid anticipation.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1. Good FPS on most areas in the FFA maps, duel map was good on FPS too. 2. Lotsa secrets; one of the secrets in the Temple of Fear was mind-blowing, incredible coding idea. 3. Suspenseful and tensious for gun FFAs. 4. Bot support! 5. Every area of all the maps were eye candy. 6. The skybox for The Shadow used Geonosis, wow, did it look good out that forcefield! 7. A nice menagerie of weapons to choose from.

Cons: 1. FPS drops significantly on my crummy machine when you go to the duel area of the Temple of Fear, and the hangar and control room of The Shadow. 2. The saber FFA abilities were cramped through most of both FFA maps, since only a few rooms and areas allowed space for dueling.

Rating: 8/10

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds/Music: Yes Game Types: Duel, FFA

JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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Download 'spectors_arenas.zip' (13.13MB)

Creator:             Spector
E-Mail:              MDN140@MSN.com
Build Time:       23 hours

     A map pack that has 3 maps in it. 2 are ffa maps and one is a duel map that can also be used as an ffa.

     Put the Spector's Arenas.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder

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