SSS Fun Pack



Although, you still have access to it even if your not in the clan itself. The actual pack consists of 16 different skins, with some re-skinned versions of other pieces of work. Before I begin, I'd like to make a note to everybody who is going to download this pack or just look over this review:As the author states, two of the skins in this pack could be considered, ''controversial.'' If you take a look at the screenshots, you'll notice which ones are being targeted presently. It is not the author's intentions to insult or offend any single person(s) or any religious group, race, or culture. This skin pack is meant for fun and nothing more. If you're offended or insulted by these two skins, you don't have to download this pack. It's optional, and that's all that needs to be said.Anyways, I'd like to first talk about the variety in this pack. As I stated above, there's 16 different skins. Each of them is unique in their own way, which makes this pack much more fun. For all of us that actually play Jedi Outcast, you'll be familiar with all of the original characters that have been reskinned for this pack. Two of the skins that have been appropriately borrowed for use in this fun pack are SG_Barada's Hitler and The Jawa by {Ronin}{Triad}. I must admit, the author was creative with his changes to those two skins. I never would of pictured Hitler in a purple outfit.. >_>One of the other things I happened to notice was the multiple sounds that the author used for each skin in the pack. To my surprise, he created new sounds for death, taunt, jump, and the ''Fall to your ultimate death'' sound! Usually, most people wouldn't spend their time making new sounds for all of the actions, but ViDaRSiThY did just that. So, kudos to you for going beyond my expectations!To be honest, I expected there to be some flaws in this skin pack. Although, I didn't really find any major issues. The only problem I see is, well, plainness. Some of the skins seem to be overly ''plain,'' and I think they need some more creativity and uniqueness added to them. If you can do that, It would definitely make this pack much better If you ask me. Overall, this is a pretty awesome skin pack. I can definitely see myself using these skins every now and then when I'm in the mood to be creative! As far as improvements go, just remember what I said. I'd be interested in seeing a version two for this if you plan on making one. If you don't, then you should consider it. Anyways, great job and keep up the good work! This is definitely worth a download if you're in the FY community or looking for something new to try!P.S. There is three skins in this pack that are secret! See if you can discover what they are! Also, you'll discover that their is a skybox modification in this pack as well! Have fun with that as well! :) Bot Support: NayTeam Support: NayNPC Support: NayNew Sounds: Aye! (Great job on them, once again!)~Syyrax


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