immortal because he is made of imagination and therefore cannot die. Well I suppose, to be honest, it isn't really possible to die in games anyway, since we just respawn! ;) This is a very colourful skin indeed, psychedelic in fact, Stanley has even gone so far as to tie-dye is face! Personally I actually think this guy looks more like something that might live under your bead and try and eat you during the night, rather than a benevolent imaginary friend. :eek: I do like colourful skins though and I love to see quirky skins like this as they add a bit of fun and humour to the often over-serious world of modding.This skin doesn't feature team skins, but in this instance I don't really mind since its great fun to play as a quirky character like this! I would have liked to see some humorous new sounds though, to add an extra layer to the skin. Bot support would also be cool, even of for nothing more than to find a similarly psychedelic map and fill it with lots of crazy Stanley's! Overall it's great to see another quirky skin like this and I enjoyed using this player character! If you guys fancy adding a splash of colour to JK2, then be sure to give this skin a download! :DNew Sounds: NoBot Support:NoTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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