Star Wars The Jedi's Demise - Part III

Finally, as we near the end of this movie, there are some twists and turns that are unique and seperate from other Star Wars films. I won't...


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Finally, as we near the end of this movie, there are some twists and turns that are unique and seperate from other Star Wars films. I won't spoil the ending for you, so you'll just have to watch it to find out. :)

There were a few things I must note though. I was annoyed to see Lara suddenly show some courage in one scene, only to not fight and have to be saved by Eric once again. Her character is shallow and I still can't figure out why she went along with Eric at all. She serves no purpose except to be the requisite female and love interest for our Jedi. There are some interesting duels here and there, though at times it looks like just a blur of pretty colors. But things don't end the way you expect - thankfully. An evil Rodian shows up at one point and makes some comments to Eric that aren't translated. So one can only assume he's insulted Eric's mother since they quickly begin to duel.

I was much more impressed by the direction in the final installment. It just seemed smoother in parts. Though, there were still some points where it seemed the characters decided to stop acting and just have a staring contest to pass time. It's quite a feat to make a 2 hour movie in this medium. It must be nearly impossible to organize everything and execute it all so successfully. While I wasn't blown away by the story or the acting, I am impressed that they were able to pull this off at all. Keep in mind that these three parts are very big downloads and it is a full-length movie. You will be watching this for two full hours, so be prepared. The end does leave it open for a sequel, of course, which is already in development. Though I'm not a big fan of this movie, I do have high expectations for Zappa's next one. As a dying Jedi in The Jedi's Demise said, "There is still hope."


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Star Wars The Jedi's Demise 
Made By: Jedi-Outcast Movies
Director: Zappa_0
Sound Effects: MasterX
Music By: John Williams

Story Background:

Story takes place during the Clone Wars, six months
after the battle of Geonosis to be exact. The separatist
has started using a new metal from Rodia to make better
droids. These droids have been used to assassinate many
of the Republic's Senators. Lara Sparx has been a target
and has been placed under protection by the Jedi Council.
Here protectors are Jedi Master Tyrion and his apprintice
Eric. They continue their investigation on their journey
across the galaxy.

The Jedi's Demise is a production of Jedi-Outcast Movies.

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