Steamboat Willie



Tresquall has attempted to recreate a scene from an ancient Disney cartoon. The first, in fact, to feature synced sound. Steamboat Willie, it was known as, and now we get to partake in the fun ourselves. Basically, we have the steamboat along with a rotating black and white map. The humongous contrast between the two colors is exasperating for the eyes. Maybe see if you can at least lessen the effect on the white? I mean, even the cartoons didn't feature BLINDING white like this. Random side note: Why the red stripes on the life preserver? Seems outta theme with the rest of the map.Now, bugs. We got quite a couple technical problems here that need be addressed. First and foremost, your wood texture doesn't seem to be registering with the map.(Says you ain't got a lightmap stage, if that's any help.) The end result isn't abhorrent, but it does afflict your dock and trim on the ship. The next thing? Probably wanna solidify some curving bounds if y'can. I was able to inadvertently swim to the edge of the map and view the ugly graytile outside of the curvature. Despite all this, I gotta say, this is definitely an interesting little project. I especially enjoy sinking to the bottom of the black waters, though that might just be because of the sanctuary from the white texture. Definitely see what you can do about that, chief. That really is an eyesore.TOOOOT TT, sez deh gravyboat


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