You have no idea how tempted I was to title this item "Stormtrooper of Aesthetic Maiming +2", but it's Friday, and Tuesday is "abuse of power" day ( ;) ).

Truth be told, I can't really look at this for more than a minute without the random.... er.... stuff beginning to hurt my eyes.

This stormtrooper has had a random texture slapped all over it, and for the team skins, a color balance layer (or equivalent technique) has been used to give it the colors. I've seen a lot of skins in my time, but this takes the cake not only for being simple, but also for looking like- *sees Inyri carefully watching* OK, let's try that again. This skin, frankly, is "aesthetically displeasing", and I fail to see how anyone can find it mildly interesting, let alone cool.

The filter that has been applied doesn't work at ALL, and it's been slapped over the entire area of the texture image with no consideration for the parts of the actual model. So, what we've got is a stormtrooper-shaped pile of whatever that texture is - something I am still unable to determine.

I'm in no real mood to pull my punches today, so I'm just going to speak my mind. I personally know of no reason why this would ever be in my skin line-up. One thing that I do know, is that the author of this file should look around and get some examples of what a skin really is, because randomly slapping a Photoshop filter over an image and then changing the color balance settings just doesn't count as skinning, by my standards. If anyone or anything deserves the credit for this, it's the author's copy of Photoshop, seeing how it did all the work.

"What does count as skinning, then?", I hear you ask? Well, here's my basic "Pass/Merit/Distinction" criteria for what makes a skin: P. Creating/modifying a texture. M. Ensuring that the texture looks like something, be it a camo pattern or a suit of armor. D. Making sure that the texture fits the model properly, is appropriately shadered, and above all looks like something that might actually exist.

There are a wealth of Photoshop tutorials out there that deal with creating textures which can really teach you how to create skins, rather than just vandalizing someone else's. Once you learn how to create fabric or stone or metal or plastic textures, with accompanying shaders, you can easily advance to the level of quality shown in HS Obi-Wan or the recent Lord Maul. All you have to do is have the patience and will to learn how to skin.

As for this file, I'd hardly count it as a skin, since no skinning has been done at all. In fact, all this took was four clicks and a CTRL+S. But, I shall digress.

Oh, and one other thing the author foolishly did, was make an EXACT COPY of the default Stormtrooper sounds folder and include it in the pk3, which means at least 95% of the filesize is unnecessary - even moreso, considering that practically none of the sounds will work in JK2 MP. Shoulda just set the sounds folder to the stormtrooper folder in the sounds.cfg.

Well, if you want it, you know where to download it.

~ Kouen

Team Colors: One *could* say that... Custom Sounds: No Bot Support: No



<Jedi Knight2 Jedi Outcast>
Skin Name                : <Storm>
Author                  : <Blue>
Email Address           : <[email protected]>
Website URL             : <www.freewebs.com/bellow>
Skin description         : <This skin is basically a soldier skin i made. Looks really cool and all of EoD loved it.>

Additional Credits to   : <George Lucas, Lucas arts, and EoD!>

Thanks to               : <Everyone who helped with this skin>
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : <YES>

* Construction *

Base info               : <Stormtrooper>
Software used           : <Mod View>
Known Bugs              : <no known bugs>
Build Time              : <1 day>

* How to use this Skin *

<Extract the zip file into the base folder go on player options in the game and select this skin>

* Copyright / Permissions *


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