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Very cool skin pack by Hornett!


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Very cool skin pack by Hornett!

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Title			: Stormtrooper Skin Pack v2.0
Author			: Hornett
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			: 

File Name		: Hornett_STSP.pk3 (
File Size		: 4.66mb
Date Released		: November 11th, 2002

Description		: This is the updated version (2.0) of the Stormtrooper Skin Pack.  the main differences
			that you will find between this and the original are the addition of several new skins and
			my revamped icons that give the skinpack a greater sense of uniformity (in short it now
			looks like a skin pack instead of a jumbled bunch of independent skins).

			My personal contribution to this version include the new "Ent" and "Desann" Troopers. Due
			to some clan desire for more pauldron colors, I have also added six addition Stormtroopers
			with pauldrons for the purpose of perhaps having some sort of clan rank system using them.
			I also made minor fixes to some of the original skins (my colored troopers mainly) as well
			as minor tweaks to the Metallo and Sith Troopers.

			King Jezuz Pie's ([email protected]) Black Stormtrooper inspired by the Crimson 
			Empire comic series has been added in this version of the skin pack. It is actually one
			of the inspirations for this 2nd version because it came out just after my original skin
			pack had been submitted for distribution and I had wished it had come out earlier so I 
			could have included it then. I decided to include team and bot support for this skin because
			that was really all it was missing in my humble opinion. The team skins are just simple
			modifications of the original skin with red and blue pauldrons enabled.

			The Metallo Trooper created by JH ([email protected]) is also included in this updated
			version. With the author's permission, I made some small fixes to the skin that will 
			probably only be noticeable on the higher resolutions. In addition, I also added bot 
			support to this skin.

			Finally, devius ([email protected]) gave me permission to include his sithtrooper skin
			in this update. As with the Metallo and Black Troopers, I added standard bot support to
			this skin.

			That is about it for the new stuff. I included the the description from the original pack
			below as all that information is still pertinent (essentially nothing has been removed from
			the original, though as you can see, quite a few things were added). 

Original Desc		: This started out as my attempt to make team versions of the stormtrooper skin that did
			not appear battle-worn and snowballed into a sizeable skin pack. Included in this skin pack
			are some of my own skins, as well as some already released by other trooper skinners.

			I (Hornett) have contributed the cleaned-up CTF/Team (red/blue) troopers, and their 
			grey/green/gold/purple counterparts (all with bot support).
			Pratt ([email protected]) gave me permission to include his camotrooper skin, to 
			which I added Team/CTF support.
			Ghetto Levis ([email protected]) let me include his sandtrooper skin, which I used
			to create a shoulder guard version with team/ctf and bot support.

			Octavius' StormTrooper Commander (StormTrooper Pauldron Enabler), which was the basis and
			inspiration for all of the troopers with pauldrons, was also included.

Comments		: First of all, I want to thank the authors who let me include their skins in this pack.
			In addition, I would like to appologize for the size of the file (as it is a bit beefy in
			comparison to the other skins available fot download). I tried my best to cut the size down,
			but certain factors (like having to have the various troopers in different folders for the
			CTF/Team to work properly) made that somewhat difficult.

Installation		: Unzip the file and place the Hornett_STSP.pk3 in your gamedata/base directory. If you had
			downloaded the original stormtrooper skin pack previously, you will get a message asking you
			if you would like to overwrite the existing file - click yes. Thats it, now your ready to
			play with the new skins. Enjoy! 

			Note: The server needs to be either "Not Pure" or have this new version installed as well. So,
			remember to tell your server admin to update if he/she hasn't already and get to frying some
			of that rebel scum.


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