Barny Z brings us his first attempt at an SP level and its pretty good. StowAway has a little background story included in the readme. This...


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Barny Z brings us his first attempt at an SP level and its pretty good. StowAway has a little background story included in the readme. This SP map is pretty easy and the points is simple visit the base and find the cause of the disturbance. There is a little opening cut scene and a few others in the game making this feel pretty good.

Not a bad SP level for a first attempt. I played it for a little bit and enjoyed myself until I was rocketed by a damn Storm Trooper unexpectedly :) and I am not a big SP fan of PC games. Overall I enjoyed this and think most of you out there will. One side note the author’s installation directions aren’t right, place this file in your base load the SP version of the game then type map stowaway just like that and enjoy. Nice job keep on modding.


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Author Information
Author: Barny Z
Email Address:

File Information
Title: Stowaway
File Name: stowaway.pk3
Map Size: Small

Date Of Release: June 2003

Description: This is my first JKII map so be kind. I wanted to make something that looked as              good as I could possibly make it without sacrificing too much FPS. The level                was constructed and tested on a P4 1.6 with a Geforce2 32MB and 380MB of RAM so              if you are playing on a lower spec machine you might need to turn down some of              the settings. 

Story:       You are Kyle Katarn Jedi mercenary. After feeling a disturbance in the force                your Jedi senses have led you to a disused shuttle bay on Rimbus IV. By chance              you come across an Imperial Shuttle and sneak on board just before take off.                After the shuttle lands you find yourself in an unknown place. You feel a dark              presence nearby...

Mission Objectives: Explore the base and find the source of the disturbance.

Additional Credits: All the different web sites with helpful people on the forums. Of                           particular note are Kengo and RichDiesal. Not forgetting everyone who                       has ever had anything to do with ID Software, Raven and Lucasarts. 

Installation Information
Simply put the stowaway.pk3 in your jedioutcast/gamedata/stowaway directory (you might need to create a new folder called stowaway), load up the game then go to the 'Setup' menu and click on 'Mods' then click on SP_stowaway and then click 'Load Mod'. Then bring down the console and type in "map stowaway".

Construction Information

Vis Time:   Less than an hour
Build Time: About two months
Known Bugs: The opening cut scene is not as smooth as I would like. There are certain                   instances when the frame rate drops suddenly but this lasts for a second and                should not detract from game play. One of the buttons does not make a sound. I              suspect that a determined player will be able to get outside of the level. If               you do so and it looks ugly then it's because you are not meant to be there. If             anyone finds any faults that I might have missed (hey I'm new at this) then let             me know. 

Author Notes: Yes the credits are meant to be like that. The idea is that you can have a                  look around the place for a moment until the credits end. If I've forgotten to               do anything essential then let me know. This is the first time I have ever                  posted anything on a web site so please be understanding if I have made any                 massive errors. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for playing.

Copyright / Permissions
Please do not do anything silly with this. If you would like to post this level on your site then just ask me amd do not change anything. 


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