Strange Yavin

A greenhorn has come to us and, on a silver platter, presented to us the very first world they created. Strange Yavin is what its creator, L...


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A greenhorn has come to us and, on a silver platter, presented to us the very first world they created. Strange Yavin is what its creator, Logo90, has chosen to name it. And I, being the heroic man that I am, voulenteered to be Doored there and have a look around.

When my eyes could see once more, I was standing... somewhere. By the looks of it, I was in someone's private garden. At first I thought that the spell had gone wrong and sent me somewhere I shouldn't be, but I quickly reminded myself that the mage was an experienced one when it came to folding space. So, with my confidence in my mates renewed, I decided to get to the exploring. Now, the first thing I noticed (aside from the peculiarity of my location) was the silence. Not a whisper anywhere, the only sounds echoing through this strange garden being those of my footsteps. But, being the brave soul that I am, I didn't let it disturb me. Looking around I saw a large brown... thing to my left. Upon closer examination, it turned out to be a maze. After walking around for a bit, I came upon a large poster on the wall. T'was Tifa, the busty maiden from Final Fantasy VII. I decided not to contemplate the reasons behind her image being there and left the maze.

The next thing that caught my eye was the large, steadily floating platform. Nothing special there, moving on. The next building was damaged when I neared it - a wall broke down and revealed to me some tubes in a glass container. A switch in the wall opened the container and I went to examine the tubes. And then it all went to hell. The container came down on me, trapping me under it and in a crouched position. "Well, @£$&!" I used my feeble arcane magic and turned myself intangible, escaping from my glassy prison.

Leaving the house, I remembered that the roof had a hole in it. I broke the glass covering it and jumped in. What I saw next, quite astounded me. I was in a very green room, faced with a wall partially made of what seemed to be water and a booming voice of a lizard monster, doubting my being and contemplating the prowess of one Kyle Katarn. I left the room via a dark tunnel, another room and another dark tunnel, at the end of which I was whisked away by probably hostile mages.

Able to see once more, I was stuck in a canyon with some trees (one of which growing out of sheer rock wall). I spied a hole in a corner and went for it. Next thing I know, I'm all wet, at the bottom of a very murky pool and drowning. I found a way out, although to a place I know I don't want to return to. I was in a room with a... white thing in the middle, lots of computer terminals on one wall, some racks on another, three Pillar of Autumn-like cryotubes along a third wall and a door in the last. With the door being my only escape route (and escape I had in mind, for I was ill-prepared to face these powerful mages, who fling me from place to place with such ease), I didn't have much trouble deciding what to do. And behind the door was a large room with some huts, small bridges over an indoor river and very bright lights. There was a platform hanging above the middle of the room and I hoped to find there whoever it was that was responsible for my current state. Instead, I was greeted with the rather bored visage of Tifa once more. Unable to find a way to escape, I had to once again rely upon my magic to help me.

When I escaped from the room and into the Howling (some call it the void), I noticed another very green room. I went right for it and found it to be somewhat akin to a football (soccer to all ye 'mericans) field. There was a platform hanging from a wall and I decided to investigate it. I found nothing there, except for a computer, which I couldn't use. Trapped once again, I got myself out of there and into the garden.

I decided to explore the last place left in there, the bar. "Oh, thank ye, above!" By that time, I thought a drink was well-earned. But the bar was empty. No one, not even disgruntled customers demanding for a drink. "Oh well, I'll just help myself," I thought. And then I discovered that it was a trap. There were no drinks. There was no mead for the weary warrior. Instead, I was whisked away once more to a room I hadn't seen before. There was a board on a wall with some addresses, some pictures on the walls (couldn't make out the men, the pictures were so blurry) and what seemed to be a pool table. There was a door in a corner, labeled "exit". Without thinking I went for it and found myself in mid-air, falling towards the large floating platform I saw earlier. With my exploring coming to an end, I used the scroll I was given and Doored myself out of there.

And that's the astounding tale of my journey. Now, I must say a few things. The silence in there is deafening. Seriously, it haunts you at every turn. Bring your own bards along if you want to go there. Also, the pool table in the last room had a missing texture. And there's no bot routes, so you'll see the computer-Dominated fellow warriors constantly hopping around. The architecture of the map was pretty blocky and finding the hidden teleporters (seriously, one of them was in a ceiling corner) make getting from one room to the other rather tedious. For a first effort, I give it a thumbs up. The author seemed to know what they were doing most of the time. Give it a whirl, if you want.

The prophecies of one are the insane ramblings of another.

- Jose

Bot support: No New sounds: No New textures: Some posters Gamemodes: FFA

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TITLE**: Strange_yavin
AUTHOR**: Logo90
WEBSITE:  -----

FILENAME: strange_yavin.pk3
FILESIZE: 1,2 mb
DATE RELEASED: 27 December 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Unzip the *.pk3 file into your BASE folder. 

DESCRIPTION**: This is strange yavin. It's my first map :P


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