Strawberries and Cream Gun



Warning: Those who are hungry and are especially fond of strawberries and cream may want to leave the page at this moment, or you shall find yourself drooling...

This little mod happens to be a reskin of Kyle's Briar Pistol. Now, I am all for weapon reskins if they turn out better than the original skin, but when you go and paste an image in without much editing to make it still look like a gun, it does not go down so well. Of course, some thought was put into the placement of the pieces of the image, but it still looks little like a gun to me. :p

It also comes with a little mod that changed the color of the charge up shot on the Briar to red. Unfortunately, for me the actual shot is yellow, so it does not quite fit. Ah well, nothing is perfect.

Now, I can think of some images that might work well to use as a skin for a gun, but the last thing I was expecting was a strawberries and cream image. But, I suppose that there are people out there who will enjoy this, so have at it! Give it a download!




---------STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM GUN-------------

This little mod changes the briar pistol skin to a new strawberries
and cream skin! Sure it's not that big, but its just a wee
bit of fun, so if you're looking for a small mod to keep on
for a week, here it is!


Author: FantastikO

Size: 73 kbs

New sounds: no

Custom textures: yes


Open the strawbsncream.zip folder and put the .pk3 folder
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base


This file is not distributed, endorsen or supported by lucasarts
entertainment, raven software or activision.

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