Tal Erulanei

FFA Tal Erulanei I am depressed; the best map I have ever seen is for JK2 I think I'm gonna cry. I mean JA?? Sigh, at least he sa...


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FFA Tal Erulanei

I am depressed; the best map I have ever seen is for JK2 I think I'm gonna cry. I mean JA?? Sigh, at least he says that he'll be releasing a JKA version so ¡ll be able to hero worship him in a whole other review. Yay! anyways back to what I was saying. This is perhaps the best map I have ever seen. Quite seriously. This map is by Wedge2211, one of the most famous Jedi Knight mappers in my opinion, rivaled only by perhaps dad*mad in the detail and uniqueness he puts into maps. Creator of City of The Ancient, FFA Mars, and the Orbital Transfer station, Wedge has a history of greatness. This map is one of two new map released by him, and it lives up to his greatness. By the way, in case you havent figured this out yet, Wedge is my favorite mapper of all time and Im his #1 fan so reviewing this is a great honor for me :D Well anyways, now that Ive explained his entire life story¡Konto the map. I think the first thing to say about this map is amazing. I think the thing I would say after that however, would be: curves. I mean more curves then youve EVER seen, in any map. This map is entirely curves. I do not see ANY part of that map that is not curved except maybe the skybox. This map has some of the most beautiful architecture I¡¦ve seen in a while. It consists of 3 structures floating in air over a beautiful water planet skybox, each connected by tunnels with Glass roof parts and not boxy tunnels, perfectly curved tunnels flowing from structure to structure.(take a look at the pictures) Going inside each building (if I may call them that, they¡¦re more floating blobs) there are huge passageways of tunnels connecting into multiple rooms with some amazing shaders and architecture (again take a look at the pictures). In the background there is this mysterious music. This map really completes a whole world. It has every part to make me actually picture myself in the map, wondering around. I think that is one of Wedges best skills, creating these strong maps that seem so amazing and mysterious. This map makes me cry with it beauty and cower with the feeling awe it give me in the pit of my stomach. I would pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to be able to create the art that wedge does.

This map is a must download. Even if there is a version coming out for JKA, dont wait. Get out your copy of JK2 And just look around. You wont want to stop looking. Amazing job Wedge, you once again have made me bitterly jelous of you :D ~DeathBringer

Amazing Job: Yes Must Download: Yes If you dont I will eat you: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Great Architecture: Yes New Shaders: Yes Bot Support: Yes (But dont play with bots, be awed with yur friends and family )

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Title:		Tal Erulanei
Author:		wedge2211
E-Mail:		06jps@williams.edu
Website:	http://wso.williams.edu/~jshoer

File Name:	ffa_talerulanei.pk3
File Size:	8.5 MB
Date Released:	20 Nov 2003



	The organic a'Tal were grown out of the lakes of the planet Jiros as warrens for their inhabitants.  Even these calm, living structres have been drawn into the epic battle of good versus evil.


Gametypes:	Free-for-all only

Brush Count:	2395 (1852 patches! That's over 75%!)
Entity Count:	613
Tools:		GtkRadiant, q3map2, NotePad, PhotoShop
Extras:		Nonstandard models, textures, shaders, and music



	Oracle was originally created for the NRG FFA pack, but is now released as a freelance map since the NRG pack has been postponed indefinitely.  I finished the map last summer, but it hasn't seen the light of day till now.  A JA version will be released shortly...  I also hereby declare Tal Erulanei to be the official map of the Cult of the Patch.  So there.



	Simply place ffa_talerulanei.pk3 in your base folder and you're ready to go!



	*Some textures were taken from or based on the set of textures that comes with the PhotoBrush application
	*Individual model readmes have been included
	*Music is from the Myst III: Exile soundtrack ("Edanna Theme")
	*Thanks to rgoer for compile option advice, Eldritch from creative consulting as usual
	*Thanks to the NRG Team for beta testing
	*Helpful fellow mappers at LucasForums
	*All the guys at www.map-review.com


Legal Mumbo-Jumbo We've All Seen Before:

* I admit that * 
(as required by the LEC Licence Agreement about Addon Levels)

1. My Level works only with the retail version of the
   Software, and does not work with any demo or OEM versions
   of the Software.  
2. My Level does not modify any COM, EXE, DLL or other executable files.
3. My Level does not contain any illegal, scandalous, 
   illicit, defamatory, libelous, or objectionable material
   (as may be determined by LEC in its sole discretion), or
   any material that infringes any trademarks, copyrights,
   protected works, publicity, proprietary, or other rights
   of any third party or of LEC.  
4. My Level does not include any LEC sound effects or music files or 
   portions thereof.
5. My Level identifies in every description file, on-
   line description, read-me, and in comments in the New
   Level code: (a) the name, address, and e-mail address of
   the level's creators, and (b) the following disclaimer:
6. My Level may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with
   any other product for which any charge is made (other than
   incidental charges for time spent on-line), but rather
   must be distributed free of charge. 
7. By distributing or permitting the distribution of any New
   Levels, all creators or owners of any trademark, 
   copyright, or other right, title or interest therein grant
   to LEC an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, sub-
   licensable right to distribute the New Level by any means
   (whether now known or hereafter invented), and to create
   and distribute by any means (whether now known or here-
   after invented) derivative works thereof, and to charge
   for the distribution of such New Level or such derivative
   work, with no obligation to account to any creators or
   owners of the New Level in any manner.

* Copyright / Permissions *


You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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