Talon Jedi Academy

I was impressed by this map. It's a clan map, but it's pretty modest. I don't think I found a SINGLE clan emblem, other than messages that I...


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I was impressed by this map. It's a clan map, but it's pretty modest. I don't think I found a SINGLE clan emblem, other than messages that I got from various map objects. I have been told by the author that while this is a clan map, it is used primarily for RPG's. It can certainly be used for RPG's, as it has a very nice training area, a big council area, and two private, locked rooms, in addition to other, unlocked rooms. Once I contacted the author asking how to get into those areas, he kindly obliged. On to the map. First off, the map is based on a gaseous world, so it floats like Bespin. I like the fact that the author put in repulsor towers to make it a bit more realistic. You start off the entrance, which has two levels. The first is glass, the second is the floor. Not much, but it is nicely done. The next area is the lobby, which has stairs going down, and to the sides of the stairs are the the rooms. There are several regular rooms, then there are two special rooms. Why are they special? Because they're locked! The first one, which is the authors room, is spacious and has a balcony going off of it. The second (and my favorite) was Master Ven's room. Although I don't know who Master Ven is, I did love his room. Apparently Master Ven is a mechanic, so he's got a X-Wing hanging from the ceiling. he's also got various droid parts in his room. I just loved the X-Wing. Next is the bar area. It has two areas, the bar is on the lower area, and then there's an upper area. The bar was done nicely, because people just generally put in pictures of the bar wall. Well, The author has, in addition to the pictures, put in bottles and cups! And it's a big bar as well. Now the upper area is just a floor and a nice long row of plants in the middle. Great for hide and go seek! :p The author has included a training area. But this one's special. Yes, it's locked too. But there is an area for visitors so that they can watch. The training area looks a lot like the training duel map, but it's also got two sub chambers for dueling. To my surprise, they had remotes in them! I walked up to them, hoping that they'd work. But then I found that there are no NPC's in Jedi Outcast. :( Oh well. There are two chambers, a brighter one and a dim one. On to the council area. It's locked by default, and the only way in is by using a secret, which teleports you to a security room. One mistake was a simple misspelling of the message stating that you needed to consult a council member if you wanted into the council area. But that wasn't that big of a deal. Continuing to the security room. After you reach the security room, you can open the door for your friends. The thing that I found a bit annoying was that there wasn't a switch beside the door allowing you to go out. That meant that I had to go to the security room every time that i wanted to leave. Meh, even a door to teleport out would have been nice. The council area opens up into an area that allows you to go two ways: either to an outside duel pad, or deeper into the map. When you go deeper into the map you come into a small council chamber, which leads to an elevator that leads to a dojo for dueling. I did like this map, and I would have liked it if it was bigger, both in the council area and in the area that isn't locked. But the author is working on another version, and I hear that it has a lot more goodies in it. :p This map does use textures from GriffinClaw's Jedi Council GC. You can get that map here If you like this map, or if you like RP maps, give this a try!

New Music: No New Textures: No (Just some borrowed from JediCouncilGC) Bot Support: No

I would like to thank |TJA|Gabriel (the author) and |TJA|Keero for helping me with screenshots.


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TITLE: My Map (Talon Jedi Academy)
AUTHOR: Gabriel (Head Council member of TJA-Talon Jedi Academy)
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: TalonJediAcademy.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 27 March 2006

CREDITS: Thanks to id and lucas arts, raven, activision, and programers for the models and engine. 

extract pk3 to C drive/program files/lucas arts/gamedata/base/<here>

DESCRIPTION: This is a Map(level) for TJA clan...

BUGS: there arent any errors but there are somethings that are annoying... if you find any then contact me via email

COMMENTS: ive got some good feedback... hope you enjoy... the secrets are not hard to figure out... find them 


Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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