Shadow_Lord now lets us explore the country club side of JK2. The map contains all kinds of weird things including a tennis court a crusher...


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Shadow_Lord now lets us explore the country club side of JK2. The map contains all kinds of weird things including a tennis court a crusher where you can hide in little holes so it doesn’t smash you, which was really fun to just run in run out and such. There was something like a river flowing and then you could go into a house from there. The music matched the country club feel really nice sounding music. There is one golfing hole so you can go golfing so for all you golfers now’s your chance to show off some of your golfing skill! I didn’t see any fps problems, but when I walked into I think it was like a bar or a chapel sort of thing I was about to blind because the white just is like glaring at your eyes, which really sucks. There is bot support so there’s one plus right there. There are new textures of course :). There is new music that gave it the country club feel. One thing he forgot was a hot tub for everyone to sit and relax. Now the chapel area was really interesting its right in front of the pool so go get married with your jk2 crush, then jump in the pool for a swim :P. There were a lot of trees in one area, which seemed like it split the country club in half. There was a lot of empty space so I am guessing they did that for FFAs and duels. The golf course seemed really hard to get the thermal in the hole :(. There is even a place to relax and have a few drinks or you can sit and watch some invisible T.V. The map is really interesting with all the things you can do and for some reason the canyon part of the map reminds me of the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, no clue why, but it does heh. The map had one weird thing that I think was a secret area when I was flying around I noticed that there was a room with a bunch of health and I have no clue how to get in so maybe you guys can find out! The gun placement is pretty good there is something like a tree house that has a sniper in it so you lie down and shoot away :). There is a small cave that you have to step on this small target and a giant stone falls on you and kills you which made me laugh all you have to do is yell ‘AVALANCE!’.

* Creeps around New York ringing a bell *

Overall the map is pretty good because of everything it has, it’s a perfect map for duels and FFAs. There is a lot of activity that can be done on the map, but unfortunately there are areas that have a lot of empty areas :(. I think this map can be used just for fun if you are bored and all that junk. I really think this map shouldn’t be used too much because it can get really boring after a while. It wasn’t a bad map just it wasn’t the greatest to play its more of a map to just have fun, everyone needs some fun in their life. Shadow_Lord good job on the map it was pretty interesting to run around and hit all the buttons :).


New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes Game Type: FFA

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