ISA-boburob-CM brings us another cool duel map with as little background story as well. Duel temple takes place on a large platform way up i...


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File Description

ISA-boburob-CM brings us another cool duel map with as little background story as well. Duel temple takes place on a large platform way up in the sky with three levels, only two are big enough for fighting on. Some of the pillars have spikes on the sides and there are plenty of spikes for show (to bad you can not be impaled on them). This map is good for dueling in tight spots so watch out for those ledges (yes I fell off a few times :) ).

Pretty cool design for a duel map just need a little bit more room for the duels in my opinion. There are a lot of textures in the pk3 which aren’t in the map, not sure if I missed something or if they are extra. Good map just needs some bot support and I would add this to my rotation. Keep on mapping.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: Duel


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I                                          I
I       Read Me For Temple                 I
I                                          I

Imagine yourself, if you will, standing 60 foot  above the surface of bespin, the sun has just started to rise and a slight mist covers the area. This however, is no time for you to be looking at the scenery for you are standing on the blood gods tower, no-one knows how this tower was built and why it was built 60 feet in the air.Leged has it the great blood god himself built the tower. Every month a sacrifice must be made on the tower and you are fighting t prevent that sacrifice being you, the growd gather to watch you fight and the only way down without being in a black bag is to fight. The floor looks remarkably unstable but now it is time to duel!!!!!

lol if you read the whole of that introduction you are as bored as i was when i wrote it

This map was created using GTKRadiant

Instalation Instructions:

1. First this file needs to be unziped.
2. Take the unzipped pk3 file and place it into your base file (ie:C://
3. This map is a duel map so if you want to test it, you can find it in
the duel selection of choosing the arena. 

This map was designed by ISA-boburob-CM.
E-Mail - Avatare_A@hotmail.com


Distribution / Copyright / Permissions 

Download at your own risk. You cannot hold me responsible 
for any damage this causes to your computer.

Copyright (c) 2003 ISA-boburob-CM
All rights reserved.

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