Temple of Two Orders

Startana says this is a fairly simple design, but I found it to be fairly impressive. The main area is a large room with high ceilings. K...


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Startana says this is a fairly simple design, but I found it to be fairly impressive.

The main area is a large room with high ceilings. Kind of a presentation area with tall windows. I love the tall columns of flame which accompany the statues.

You can take some long elevators up two levels and fight on unbreakable glass floors. If you choose to go down instead, an elevator takes you to a hangar area with both X-Wings and Imperial Shuttles inside.

From there, large double-doors take you outside, and whatever you do, stay away from the floating lights! Also outside is a lengthy pool, which if you enter, you will find yourself at a hallway.

Taking the hallway to its end leads you to a large chamber, in which there huge column of energy. At its base is a very enticing floating lightsaber. Don't touch it!

IMO, this is a GREAT hangout map. It has plenty of areas for people to fight, but it's not so large that people will get lost too far apart.

Get it, if for nothing else, for the floating saber! I'd call it perfect if only it had bot support!

Bot Support: No New Textures: No Game Types: FFA


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Title             : Temple of Two Orders
Filename          : temple_of_two_orders.pk3
Creator           : Startana
Email Address     : startana@hotmail.com

1 ) Extract the temple_of_two_orders.pk3 into your GameData\base\ directory
2 ) Start Jedi Knight2
3 ) Choose Temple of Two Orders from map list- 
	*Note*	if for some reason map name does not appear in map list open console (shift + ~) and type \map startana 

Map Information:
Supported game types : FFA 
Bot Support          : none because I haven't had the time to try and learn how

This is my second map, and personally I'm rather proud of it, even if it is a fairly simple design.

Known Bugs:
FPS suffers a lot due to the fact that all the rooms are so big and open
also in places where 2 brushs meet you can kinda see light through the seams, its not too bad, and doesn't affect playability

Thanks go to all members of CLU for testing my map

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