The Battle of Los Angeles

The Battle of Los Angeles - not just an album by Rage Against the Machine - also a JK2 map! Orbitius shares with us his latest map that is q...


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The Battle of Los Angeles - not just an album by Rage Against the Machine - also a JK2 map! Orbitius shares with us his latest map that is quite apparently supposed to be like, downtown LA. Which makes me wonder if he's ever been to LA. ;) There are two perpendicular streets and several buildings line both sides of one street. Only three, I think, of these buildings can you enter. One is a bar, the other two are house, or apartment buildings - I'm not sure. Everything is dilapidated ... boards across the windows, broken TV, fallen stairs, etc. At the end of the road is a neglected basketball court with a chainlink fence running around it. Just across from the court is a parking lot with two dumpsters in the shadows. One of those will take you to, well, a very unpleasant place (I thought it only fair of me to NOT take a screenshot of ... that).

If you take the other street, both ways are dead ends. As the signs indicate: road closed. There is an upturned car lying in the street. Very colorful graffiti covers the walls around you. And the only guns that are available on the map are found in this area, on the medians and near the "Road closed" sign. There aren't many choices when it comes to weapons and I remember only seeing ammo for two of the four guns available. Health and shield pickups are few and far between. The manhole cover is breakable and leads to a long underground tunnel that takes you all around the small neighborhood. There are a few secrets to be found down there. The music, of course, I'm assuming, is Rage Against the Machine.

Now personally, I just didn't much care for this map. I did actually test this map a few weeks ago on my server with quite a few people (as an FFA only) and it just wasn't that much fun to play on. I can't quite put my finger on the "why". I cannot fairly judge how the CTF gameplay is on that map, though I did just take a look at where the flags are and considering the short distance and many ways to both flags - it could make for a fun and fastpaced game. There is some major z-fighting going on in a few areas (namely, the "chainlink" fence) and I did notice a few textures that were quite familiar (yet no credit given in the readme to ShroomDuck for that road texture ... hrm). Even those points aside, this map just doesn't have enough to keep me interested more than a few minutes. Not to say this is a bad map, rather, it's a good idea that could be made better if expanded upon.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, CTF


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The Battle of Los Angeles

short name: battle_of_la

Map and Design: Orbitius
Graphiti Textures: Enmity
Music and Inspiration: Rage against the Machine

New textures: yes 90%new
New models: no
Bot support: no
game types supported: FFA, CTF

AIM: Acidrainne

Nice looking textures, a cozy environment, and things to break while rioting. what else should anyone need. oh yeah and play CTF on this map its great.

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