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Y'know, it's pretty rare to see a map made simply to be fun. What we usually get is a replica of one or another location seen before in so...


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Y'know, it's pretty rare to see a map made simply to be fun. What we usually get is a replica of one or another location seen before in some game, anime, tv show or movie. Rarely books. We need more maps based on books. But I digress. This map, the BingStation, is made to be fun. And it excels at that. This is quite truthfully the most fun map I've ever had the pleasure of playing. But let's look at it piece by piece.

The whole map consists of five levels. The top level consists of a central platform that's connected to four small rooms, each of them housing a large hole in the floor. Two of those holes take you to the top level, the other two drag you down to the second level. The top also has four huge pillars with elevators running on them, which take you down to the fourth level. Now, this one is simple. There's eight elevators, each of which take you down to the second level. There's also some bounceplates that chuck you up to the top and teleporters that take you either to the first or third level. The third level consists of four catwalks with teleporters in one end and a small platform in the other. There's also teleporters to the first and second levels. The second level has the eight elevators, some weapon spawns and the tubes that either take you to the top or drag you down. The center's floor falls right out from under your feet and takes you to the first floor, via a Bespin-style twisting tube. Now, the first floor is possibly the simplest and most fun of them all. There are four tubes in four walls. One tube is the one you just came out of, the other three take you through a very fast, disorienting, twisting and really awesome flight. They all lead back to the first floor, but that doesn't matter. The only way out are the teleporters, once again. All very confusing, no?

The whole map is very well done. I didn't see a single bug anywhere. The entire thing leaves a very lighthearted feel and the music (somehow reminiscent of Super Bubsy) reinforces that to no end. There's a separate version for 1.02 and 1.04, due to the tossy-turny-twisty tunnels and a bug in 1.02, but you can read more about that in the readme. All in all, if you don't get this map, you're missing out. I hereby kindly command you to download this piece of digital entertainment. You'll thank me for it. Someday.

- Jose

New textures: Yup New music: Aye Bot support: Yessirre Gametypes: FFA, Duel, CTF

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Download '' (18.57MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: The BingStation
AUTHOR: lil_binger

FILENAME: bingstation.pk3
FILESIZE: 18.8mb
DATE RELEASED: Feb. 6th 2008

Botroutes: 	Yes (except for ctf_bingstation)
New Textures: 	Yes
New Music:	Yes (Medeski Martin and Wood - Philly Cheese Blunt)

***Important*** MAP BSP's: 	bingstation   (for 1.02 players)
				bingstationv2 (for 1.04 players)

CREDITS: 	Drachir and Darth G for finding a fix for emplaced guns!
		The Wadfather (textures and skies)
		An environment map by Darc
		Credit to Lucas arts for the inspiration for bespin in Jk2. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Add the bingstation.pk3 and emp_gun_files.pk3 to your base folder.

DESCRIPTION: The BingStation started out as a team gameplay map which is where I came up
with the moving platforms in the main area.  The gameplay idea didn't much catch on
and then I got another idea to to something with them and add so much more.
I eventually added an area I had made for another map which I didn't want to just give up on
and thus The BingStation took shape.

When the guys in Leveling Mechanism =LM= saw the map they asked me to make a ctf verion.
The ctf version might make for some quick flag capping but done right might end up
to be a lot of fun with enough people to guard key areas!

**Also there are 2 versions included: 	bingstation

	There are 2 versions because bingstation was built for use with a glitch when players
		are in the tunnel area.  In the tunnels for 1.02, if you hold jump and 
		walk around in the tunnels you will be propelled very quickly through them.
		This glitch does not work in 1.04 version of JK2 so I made 2 versions.
		Both can be used in either version but the original bingstation
		will cause problems for 1.04 players so if you do play version 1.04
		then you may want to use bingstationV2.

BUGS: Yes there are a couple, one of them are the platforms at the bottom of the main area.  
When they crush a player they will glitch a little bit but will return to normal.  I think 
they still work well and there is not much I can do to fix it.  The second one I won't 
explain for it can mess something up but it's unavoidable to leave it due to functionality.
If you find out what it is just restart the map and it will be fixed.  I had 3 options on
this one and both cause a glitch but I don't think it will constitute much of a problem.  
(This glitch bug may not exist in 1.04)

Also in the tunnels you might get caught here and there when using the jump glitch in 1.02.
As I am close to the end of my mapping career I am not going to take the time to try and
make it exactly perfect.  I did what I could so if you get stuck just try again, eventually
it will work.


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