The Emperor's DeathStar

I rather enjoyed this single player map. It had some really interesting rooms, while some were rather plain looking. My only complaints are...


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File Description

I rather enjoyed this single player map. It had some really interesting rooms, while some were rather plain looking. My only complaints are that occasionally there are some missing textures and it's pretty damned hard (you have to fight 5 reborn bosses at once and a Vader who can turn completely invisible at will).

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Title			: The Emperor's DeathStar
Author			: Zeus (GRANT JAMES)
E-Mail			:
Website			:

File Name		:
File Size		: 10.78 megs
Construction time	: Too long
Compile Time		: 1hr 30min
Design Computer		: P3 600 , 196MB Ram, Geforce Pro 32MB DDR
Date Released		: 06/09/2002
Type			: Single Player
Difficulty Setting 	: NO

Music			: YES
Scripting		: YES
New Skins		: YES
New Models		: YES
Custom Textures		: YES
Custom Shaders		: YES

Brushes			: 1341
Entities		: 530


I felt that having all force powers at rank 3 is not as good as lower powers as you can just throw enemies in the air and push them over like feathers with high force powers so I made them a bit lower for better saber duels. If you do not like this, you can always use the force code.

Steps :

1) Hold shift and press ~
2) Type "helpusobi 1"
3) Type "setforceall 3"

This is of course cheating and you would be classed as a jedi wannabe, no pressure.

Installation Instructions :

This is not a normal map. It is a mod which means you must unzip the zip file to your GAMEDATA directory. This will create a sp_Deathstar file in your gamedata directory (Make sure that you extract with folder paths enabled). Then run the game and click on setup, mods and then load the sp_Deathstar mod.
You can then do one of two of the following.

1) Hold shift and press ~ (tilde) and then type the following : map sp_DeathStar


2) Load the save game : sp_DeathStar

Do not unzip the pk3 file to the BASE directory otherwise the main game will be changed. Make sure that you do not create the sp_Deathstar directory, ie. There must be no sp_DeathStar directory within the sp_DeathStar directory.

Description		: 

This is my fourth map. 

First Map : 	House of Madness
Second Map :	The Emperor's Villa
Third Map :	The Emperor's Courthouse
Fourth Map :	The Emperor's DeathStar

Comments		: 	

I took a lot of time to do nice scripting for this stage. There are many comments from my last map and other people's maps including the following.

1) Some people don't like ladder fighting maps. This isn't a ladder but there is definately a lot of fighting.
2) A lot of people found my last map too hard. This one isn't going to be easier. See difficulty notes above if you cannot finish the map.

Storyline		:

After not receiving word from Kyle's team from the Emperor's Courthouse, Luke decides to investigate and find out about the Emperor's whereabouts and about the Emperor's ultimate weapon - the Death Star. To reach the Death Star, Luke must battle his way through the underground hangar on Endor to acquire a Tie Fighter to infiltrate the Death Star. He steps into his X-Wing and begins the journey...

Credits (SKINS, TEXTURES, etc)		:

A thank you must go to the following people for allowing me to use their skins.

1) Robin Hawkins (Emperor skin)				
2) JayK	(Fire Sith skin)				
3) SithLordII, Arco and Chesire (Vader Model)	
4) Team Yoda (Kinja, SithLordII, Arco, KMan and Tchouky) (Yoda Model)				

All textures have been produced by either Raven, Id Games or myself. All of my own custom textures may not be used in any body elses maps unless they have been given permission by only myself and I have been credited (E-mail me).


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