The Emperor's Villa

If you're looking for a tough SP mission then here it is! The map (as the name suggests) is of the Emperor's Villa on Endor. Great map wit...


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File Description

If you're looking for a tough SP mission then here it is! The map (as the name suggests) is of the Emperor's Villa on Endor. Great map with many rooms and oh so many reborns, stormtroopers and you name it. This map is filled with action around every corner and I'm sure it's going to keep you busy for a while. The objectives are quite clear, and I quite liked the whole idea. What's more is that Zeus incorporated custom skins made by our own community! These include Darth Mekanus, Diablo jedi, Darth Maul and more.

There is a small pre-story in the readme worth reading as it sets the background to your mission on Endor.

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Title			: The Emperor's Villa
Author			: Zeus (GRANT JAMES)
E-Mail			:
Website			:

File Name		:
File Size		: 4.78 megs
Construction time	: Weeks (This was quite a long one)
Date Released		: 30/06/2002
Type			: Single Player

Installation Instructions :

This is not a normal map. It is a mod which means you must unzip the zip file to your GAMEDATA directory. This will create a sp_TheVilla file in your gamedata directory. Then run the game and click on setup, mods and then load the sp_TheVilla mod.
You can then do one of two of the following.

1) Hold shift and press ~ (tilde) and then type the following : map sp_TheVilla


2) Load the save game : The Emperor's Villa

Do not unzip the pk3 file to the BASE directory otherwise the main game will be changed.

Description		: 

This is my second map. My first map was the sp_HouseOfMadness map. A few people said that my last map was too small and had no storyline. This map is quite a lot bigger and it now has a storyline (see below).

Comments		: 	

If you have trouble finding your way around the map see walkthrough.txt that comes with the zip file. The level will end with a short movie and then the player will be locked. The map does not seem to get very slow.

I have a P3 600 with 128 megs of ram and a Geforce Pro, running at 1024X768 and the map only slowed down near the end of the map.

The ceiling fans are also sometimes messed up depending on the room you are in. If anyone knows why can they let me know.

Storyline		:

Jedi Knight Qui-Zan Buuzza left recently on a mission to source out the Emperor's secret Villa on the planet Endor. Word was received from him that the Emperor had a data disc with the new Death Star's security plans. We lost transmission with him and have not heard from him since.

The republic are now sending in Kyle Katarn to locate this data disc and to rescue the jedi.

Even now, Kyle is on his way to the heavily guarded Villa.

Rumour has it that the Emperor has trained an elite group of sith warriors to be his personal bodyguards.

Credits (SKINS, TEXTURES, etc)		:

A thank you must go to the following people for allowing me to use their skins.

1) Prime (Qui-Zan Buuzza skin)			-
2) Alex Olcelli (Darth Mekanus skin)		-
3) JayK	(Fire Sith skin)			-
4) (Diablo skin)	- 
5) SEPTiC CHiLD (Ultimate Maul skin)		-

All textures have been produced by either Raven, Id Games or myself. All of my own custom textures may not be used in any body elses maps unless they have been given permission by only myself and I have been credited (E-mail me).


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