The Geonosian Battle Arena

A collaboration between Zeus and ShadyZ to recreate the Battle on Geonosis! A completely new map with scripted events galore! There are sev...


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A collaboration between Zeus and ShadyZ to recreate the Battle on Geonosis! A completely new map with scripted events galore! There are several model replacements, new map models and tons of fun! I spent a lot of time yesterday playing this and wow... great sequence of events, very 'intelligent' thinking on how the map played out. Unlike some maps where you're bombarded with 390480802 enemies, this one brings them out in sizeable waves. Alongside you, there is Padme and ObiWan (who thankfully don't die in one second, so you can be assured that they will be there for you till the end :D). Along the way, you'll get re-enforcements from other Jedi and also Clonetroopers that are "dropped off"! Oh also, Dooku and Jango make appearance as well }> 7782a.jpgUnfortunately I was too wrapped up in the game to take any screenies, luckily I took this one though hehe

Install: Extract to your "GameData" directory! (further installation instructions in the readme incase you're still confused)

Running: Start JK2 SP, and load the Mod through the Mod menu (it should be called sp_genarena). Note: I had trouble loading the game through the "newgame" option. If going this way crashes your game, then there is a save file provided.. just load the game through the save file (Load menu in JK2)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Title			: The Geonosian Battle Arena
Author			: Zeus (GRANT JAMES) and ShadyZ
E-Mail			: (Zeus) and (ShadyZ)
Website			:

File Name		:
File Size		: 13.8 megs
Construction time	: Very very long
Compile Time		: 5 mins
Design Computer		: P3 600 , 196MB Ram, Geforce Pro 32MB DDR
Date Released		: 12/11/2002
Type			: Single Player
Difficulty Setting 	: NO

Music			: YES
Scripting		: YES
New Skins		: YES
New Models		: YES
Custom Textures		: YES
Custom Shaders		: YES

Brushes			: 1341
Entities		: 530

Mapping			: Zeus
Scripting		: Zeus
Design			: ShadyZ
Concept collection	: ShadyZ


Cloneship		: ShadyZ
Getting it ingame	: Zeus

Character models and skins :

Anakin Model 	- 	Vincent "Vahl" JOYAU
Dooku Model	-	KMan, Grafox, Toonces, Luuke, Garik Loran
Padme Model	-	Leo "Tetsuo" Kraan
Droid Model	-	MacD aka Maarten Edgar
Obi Wan Skin	-	Omar Torres Jr.
Windu Skin	-	Mars Marshall

All readmes have been included


One of the main objectives of this map is for it not to be an easy map. You therefore may find it quite difficult. It is possible and we have managed to complete the map without using any cheats.

Installation Instructions :

This is not a normal map. It is a mod which means you must unzip the zip file to your GAMEDATA directory. This will create a sp_Genarena directory in your gamedata directory (Make sure that you extract with folder paths enabled). Then run the game and click on setup, mods and then load the sp_Deathstar mod.

Then click on NEWGAME and then BEGIN. This will load the mod.

Do not unzip the pk3 file to the BASE directory otherwise the main game will be changed. Make sure that you do not create the sp_Genarena directory yourself , ie. There must be no sp_Genarena directory within the sp_genarena directory.


This mod can be used by just selecting NEWGAME after selecting the MOD.

Description		: 

The Geonosian battle - not much else to explain :)

Comments		: 	

This map has been being created for a very long time being end of year and all with varsity exams. The map may not look exactly like the original arena but we are focusing more on gameplay and frame rate. 

Depending on how people find this map and if they are wanting an update, we will definately look at doing a version 2.


All textures/models have been produced by either Raven, Id Games or ourselves. All of my own custom textures may not be used in any body elses maps unless they have been given permission by only one of us and we have been credited (E-mail us).


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