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I’m not a huge fan of the single-player game. I went through it once, and I was happy. Then I get this Matrix mod from Dr.X called The Matri...


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I’m not a huge fan of the single-player game. I went through it once, and I was happy. Then I get this Matrix mod from Dr.X called The Matrix Remodded. Well, I’m a Matrix fan so I thought I’d give it a look.

Once you bust open the readme, you see that a lot of items have been changed. The usual character conversions are here, Kyle and Neo, Jan and Trinity, the usual Matrix stuff. The StormTroopers are now robots. All kinds of cool stuff. The blaster pistol is now a regular pistol, the blaster rifle is now a machine gun, the disruptor rifle is a rifle and the lightsaber has been changed into a sword. In addition to the new models, Dr.X also threw in some new animations. There’s a new roll and different saber stances. All these and more can be found in the readme, which includes all the readmes for all these items.

I had a couple issues though. First and foremost was the sound. I’m not sure what the problem is exactly, but whenever I play this mod my sound gets severely messed up. The voices become choppy and the sounds start to lag. This is most noticeable with the new weapon models. The pistol sound comes long after it’s been fired. Since I don’t play with the music on, sound effects are very important to me and this was very distracting. Secondly, if you don’t take this out of the base folder it will completely change everything you know and love in multiplayer. Saber stances, acrobatics, weapon and skins will all be set to the way they are in the new single-player. If you take it out of base, you’re good to go, but it can be something of a nuisance to have to do that every time. It’s also pretty big. At 13 megs I don’t think it’ll be popular with many of the 56Kers out there.

If you want another Matrix mod or are just in the mood for another challenge give it a download. It’s pretty fun to play through single-player again, especially when it’s got a new twist to it.

- Daku

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Download '' (13.52MB)


Title			: The Matrix Remodded (formerly Simple matrix mod)
Author			: Dr.X (drx on jk2files). with extensive help from jobie
E-Mail			:
Website			:

File Name		: Simple_Matrix_Mod.pk3
File Size               : 13 MB
File version:		: 1 (offical)
Date Released		: 15/09/03

Description		: a simple mod of the matrix manily changing the models of main/cool characters,a few weapons and the duel music (and stances). The readmees of all of the things put in the mod are included within the zip package. If i accidently forgot to include credit for anyones work (including yours) please let me know ammediatly so i can fix it)

Comments		: Unzip to gamedata/the_matrix_remodded.I really should not take all credit for this since the only parts 
                          i put it togheter because i noticed how many little matrix things there are floating around the net but not really any solid mods, and since i'm not too, too good at the dirty work i used allot of other models (this version includes a lot more origional work though).
                           Yes, i do plan for future releases. plans for the future include: turning luke into morphius, even more "nowaday" weapons,getting a model of neo with his trench coat (jedi salvations would be perfect that way) and maybe some more music. if anyone has any ideas or models or would like to help please let me know! and no, i don't care if you mod my mod. just 2 and a half things: credit were credit is due, make your version not "offical", and you may want to check with some of the origonal modlers c what they think of useing there stuff again (not completely necesary though).  
                          BONUS FILES! start upscreen made by jobie (take the file called product and place it in lucasarts/jk2/install, although you may want to keep the origional for later) and product (2) by me! (same as product just rename to product).
Special thankx to       : Jobie, my partner in crime mostly for helping my with ideas, contributing models and backgrounds and ect.everyone whoes stuff I used (ESPECIALLY JEDI_Salvation FOR His awsome neo model!) the creators of the matrix and of course, Lucasarts and Ravensoft! and anyone and everyone who ever said "thank you" or "hey, i like your mod" or any idea of any kind.


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