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Many of us would admit to being lazy once in a while. How many of us actually change the channel on TV by getting up and changing it on the...


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Many of us would admit to being lazy once in a while. How many of us actually change the channel on TV by getting up and changing it on the actual TV? We all use remotes. We love convenience. Maybe that's what Desji was counting on here. A skin pack of Matrix skins - 7 of them in total. How could we not download this pack? It would certainly save us a lot of time if we wanted to recreate scenes from The Matrix. But then someone like me comes along and reminds all of you that quality is better than quantity.

The first screenshot you see there is of the JK2 menu, only it's been Matrixified. Not bad. Pretty green lines. Mesmerizing even. And now, onto the skins.

First up, we have Kyle, who is now Neo. His clothes have only been changed so that they're black and well, yeah, I think that's it. Looks like Kyle shaved, but missed a spot, or someone seems to think that Neo has a mole ala Cindy Crawford. His sounds are that of Kyle.

Luke has been transformed into Agent Smith from The Matrix. I had to check the readme on that one, but yeah, this is supposed to be Agent Smith. I'm not quite sure how his ear got so far back and I didn't take a screenshot of it, but almost on the back of his head is Agent Smith's earpiece - probably the only way to really tell that this is supposed to be him. No new sounds.

I do remember Morpheus being from another Matrix, but not another freakin' planet. This alien being is posing as Morpheus, based on the Mon Mothma model. I'm really not sure how the author was able to look at the end result of this skin and say to himself "Yup, that's Morpheus. My work here is done." And the skin uses Mon Mothma's sounds. :/

Ah, we now come to the lovely Trinity. Desji somehow overlooked Tavion and Jan as models to use for this skin and went with Galak. Why would anyone pass up two perfectly good female models for a female skin and instead choose ... Galak?! Anyway, this is Trinity with some oversized and lopsided shades and I'm not even sure what to say about the clothes. This is, however, the only skin with different sounds. But somehow, I just can't imagine Trinity laughing like a Reborn.

Mmkay, so you remember those twin ghost guys that Trinity and Morpheus fought? Well, using the Weequay model, the author almost achieved a decent representation of one of these characters from The Matrix Reloaded. But really, the most obvious resemblance is only the hair, and even then it's not enough. The sounds have not changed.

I don't remember members of the SWAT team ever looking like Stormtroopers - but hey, let's use our imagination. The only thing though that clues us in that this is supposed to be a SWAT team person guy is that it says so on his arm. The sounds are that of the Stormtrooper.

And finally, here's the only character I can't remember. Desji claims that it is a vampire, but I really don't recall seeing any vampires in the movie that had markings like this. In any case, this skin is based on the Jedi model and keeps its Jedi sounds. The markings on his body would've been more interesting had they been more refined and more symmetrical.

There are two other pk3's included in this zip. One is of a bunch of sounds and the other is supposed to change your blaster shot to bullets with green tails. The sounds, of course, do not work with the skins and had there been any change of the blaster shot, I would've included a screenshot. This entire skin pack is inconsistent and messy. Some of the skins have bot support, others don't. Those that do have bot support, only have the Weequay bot files. Some have new sounds or changed sounds, others stayed the same. Team support seems to be included with all skins, but none of them make it apparent which is blue and which is red. :/

Desji, Desji, Desji ... I know that you are a first-time skinner and I do applaud you for your efforts, but I think an important lesson learned here for you would be what I mentioned earlier: quality over quantity. Maybe if you first learned how to choose the right model for the skin you'd like to make and then focused all of your efforts and attention on that one skin, you might be able to produce something really great! :)

Desji asked that I mention that you can create your own Matrix mod by downloading this skinpack along with a few mini-mods and maps that are available. That's a great idea for those of you obsessed with The Matrix. Go download the maps and mini-mods that Desji suggested in his readme, but don't download this skinpack. There are great Matrix skins available on this site and it won't take you long to find them. Sure it's less convenient than downloading this skinpack, but trust me, a little more effort on your part and you'll be rewarded with better skins.

Bot Support: Some Team Colors: Sorta New Sounds: Yes and No


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Download '' (9.54MB)

Desjis Matrix Skins

HEy ALL OF YOU THIS IS The first time i ever skinned 
so dont talk black of my skins allrIght!

This Skinpack holds:


Galak fyar- Trinity  

Mothma- Morpheus(im sorry but i wanted to make a coat...He looks terrible)

Luke- Agent smith

Weeqay - The evil vampire twin

Stormtrooper- S.W.A.T soldier

Jedi- Vampire

AND THEN A MENU SKIN THAT MAKES JK2 startup screen matrix like and changes the loading screen to a matrix loadingf screen of course :-)

Plus all this, the blaster shot changes to bullets with green tails



Dynamic_stance: minimod that changes your moves (dogde bullets,sideway freaky
Multilator: A blood mod
Blade promo mini MOD: a mini MOD... (only use the weapons!)

Matrix Subway
Matrix Sparring program
Matrix reloaded
Battle of LA
Building top
Roof fight

My own wonderfull Matrix Skinpack wich you just downloaded :-)

Trust me if you use all theese files, and play only with speed and seeing i will be fun

Install: Just unsip all the pk3 files in the zip into \gamedata\base


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