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Here we have version two of The Old Master, and it has a few nice improvements. The overall look of the face is much improved, although it could still be further improved of course. Instead of simply using what looked like MS paint's spraycan tool to spray on facial hair, a new brushed technique has been used. This results in a far more realistic looking beard. It's still not realistic looking enough to fool anybody, but it's a step in the right direction.

This new version completely changes the clothing, opting to use Mars Marshall's Qui-gon skin's textures. Personally that says to me that the author kind of decided to do less work himself, but hey, we do what works. This works... although it has a definite lack of originality seeing as how it's just your 'typical Jedi'.

This version has another addition: custom sounds, voiced by the author. They're not too bad... although I distinctly heard a mouse click in one of them. One downfall of this version is that once again it is not available as a stand-alone skin, but is rather available as either a Kyle overwrite or a Luke overwrite, depending on your preference. Apparently it's designed for SP use. This is fine, although it greatly restricts who will find it useful, since the majority of users are looking for multiplayer modifications.

Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes




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  /Version 2\

Information: This is version 2 to my previously submitted skin "TheOldMaster". It replaces Luke Skywalker in single player this time and comes with custom sounds that overwrite Luke's sounds during gameplay (not in cut-scenes).
There is also a second .pk3 included that will overwrite Kyle Katarn instead of Luke Skywalker, should you prefer to play as this skin yourself. The Kyle Katarn replacement does NOT come with the custom sounds however, in order to keep the file size reasonable.
For this version of The Old Master I spent more time adding details to the face, lightened up the skin tone and painted on the beard using a technique that I believe to be a good improvement over the technique I used the first time around.
I must stress that the clothing textures are not my own, they are borrowed from Mars' reskin of the awesome Toonces and Tex360 Qui-Gon Jinn model, furthermore I believe Toonces and Tex360 also created the model this skin is based on so kudos to them.
Now I'll talk about the custom sounds for the Luke Skywalker replacement. They were voiced by...yours truly. I've always enjoyed coming up with accents and doing different voices, I've even thought of getting into voice acting someday, so doing the sounds was fun for me.
I know they aren't the best but I think they're pretty fitting to the character here, though one of the sounds in particular is a bit humorous in an out of place way.
A little Hint: When using the Luke replacement open the console and type devmap duel_bespin (or any map with a pitfall/death drop) once the map loads spawn a Luke with the console command "npc spawn luke" (without the quotations).
Then..try to Force Push luke off a ledge. You should hear the sound while he's falling. ;) All in all this took me a good few hours, hope you find some enjoyment in this!

Directions: If you want to replace Luke with this skin put the LukeOldMaster.pk3 into your GameData/Base directory. (Or make a new folder in the GameData folder and put the pk3 in there. Doing that will make a "mod" selectable in the mods menu under setup.
If you want to replace Kyle with this skin to be able to play as Old Master Version 2, put the KyleOldMaster.pk3 into your GameData/Base directory or...once again make a new folder in GameData and drop the PK3 in there.)


Clothing textures: from quigonvmx by Mars Marshall

Model: Toonces and Tex360

Re-skin/Voice Acting: AndrewM619

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