The Other Cheeze



Other Cheeze, both the name and skin are references to the film Coraline, one of those chronically-weird-but-entertaining Tim Burton-esque movies full of strange characters with multicoloured hair and other oddities.This here is The Other Cheese, a reference to the 'Other Mother/Father' from the film. As in the film, the eyes of this skin are in fact buttons. How you see with buttons jammed in your eye sockets I don't know, but hey, its fiction! ;) This file has team support, and as with the other skins by Forceflow63 the team skins aren't just plain blue and red versions of the default skin, but rather different skins altogether, which adds a bit more variety to this file. I was a little disappointed that apart from the new taunt there were no other new sounds with this skin, it would have been cool to have some new sounds for stuff like the death scream and such. There is also no bot support, but then again I don't personally consider that to be an essential part of a skin, although its always good to include everything!Overall this is a cool and quirky skin, keep up the skinning Forceflow63. The painted nails and the watch skinned on the wrist were nice touches! I look forward to seeing more files like this! :)New Sounds: YesBot Support: NoTeam Support: Yes~Nozyspy~


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