The Redeemed



ROAR! Reborn skins anger the little man inside my head! He calls them uninventive and generally annoying! But I have knocked him out in order to bring to you all... You guessed it, a Reborn reskin!

So what does this one have that other Reborn reskins out there don't? Well... Nothing. In fact, this is actually just a mix of two other Reborn reskins, Ravage and X_Jedi_X. Fortunately, the mixture works well. And, it isn't paintbucketed, so there's another plus. A beard has been added, and the eyes have been colored. Not huge changes, but not the worst ones that could have been done.

Give it a download if you want.





Info: This is a re-skin based on the reborn model (Arghh! I know, everyone hates Reborn skins right?) Well, I actually like the Reborn model.
This is my third skin ever for JK2 and it will replace kyle in single player. I must stress that I did -not- create the original skins found in this file and infact most of my work was simple cut and paste.
With that being said, I did add a few small details most noticably is the chin beard I painted onto the face texture. Most of the textures found in this file came from two sources.
The muscular torso/arms/hands and the original face texture are from the ravage skin pack by Ravage. The clothing textures are mostly from the x_jedi_x file by x_The_Jester_x.
I have combined elements of those two authors' files to make this skin and as mentioned before, added on to that combination with a couple small details.
In addition to painting the beard on I also re-did the eyes to be a sparkling blue that shows up quite well.
The theme of this skin is intended to be a light-side Jedi Warrior, perhaps a "Reborn" Reborn. Or as the title suggests.. a "Redeemed" Reborn.

Reason I did this: This was created mostly for my personal use, I am not attempting to lay claim to aspects of the textures that I did not alter in any way.
I thought others might enjoy this file so I'm uploading it for you to use aswell ;)

Directions: Place TheRedeemed.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder to replace Kyle in the normal game.
Alternatively you can create a folder called TheRedeemed in your gamedata folder and place the pk3 file into that folder.
Using the alternative method should make the skin selectable as a "mod" from the mods menu in the games setup menu.

Torso/Arms/Hands and original Face textures: Ravage
Clothing textures (Legs Hood and Flap): x_The_Jester_x
Re-Skin work: AndrewM619

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