The Remnant Plot: Ancient Temple Escape

It isn't often that we get SP levels submitted to So it's a nice little break from reviewing skins. :) This SP map was made...


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It isn't often that we get SP levels submitted to So it's a nice little break from reviewing skins. :) This SP map was made for JK2 and I had a great time playing it. :D

You have the option of playing the level with a lightsaber or guns. I chose the former. It isn't necessary to read the background story to find out who your character is or where you are - it's obvious you're a prisoner from the beginning. Also, if you're not too dense, you can figure out that the mission here is to escape (and some other stuff). The enemies were fairly easy to kill and the map is laid out well enough to get through. Though I have to say that this map is incredibly dark in some areas. So ... like ... watch your step.

I had fun playing this, though I didn't finish it completely. There are some new textures here and there, some are questionable however. What I mean by that is ... why the hell was there "wallpaper" of Britney and Marilyn? That just baffles me. Oh well. The background music choice was perfect - added to the ambiance, it didn't take center stage. Bottom line: This is a fun little distraction. :)

New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes


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The Remnant Plot part I
Ancient Temple Escape
Zip file name              :
Mod Folder Name            : Remnant Plot I Temple
Map File Name              : templev2.pk3
Author                     : Tristan Whalen
Email Address              :
Map Description            : Escape an ancient temple on Yavin IV
                             that is currently occupied by the
                             Remnant forces.
Additional Credits to      : George Lucas, Lucasarts, etc.
                             Rogue Software (music file from Quake MP2)
Thanks to                  : Rich Diesel (JKRad tutorials)
                             Simon "Kengo" Williams (menu/scripting tutorials)
                             Everyone in the forums for putting up with me!
****New stuff:
several new textures
1 music track - (totally ripped off of a great computer game)
Brush Count          : 1264
Entity Count         : 644
Base info            : from scratch
Build time           : summer vacation and several weekends
Software used        : JK2 Radiant, behavED, Microsoft Paint
Use Winzip (or another unzipping program) to unzip the file you
downloaded INTO your gamedata folder.
(The default when you installedJedi Outcast was:
 C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\Game Data)
This will put a folder called 'Remnant Plot I Temple' in your
gamedata folder.
Load up Jedi Outcast. Click Setup, then mods. Click on
'Remnant Plot I Temple' and click Load Mod. Click New, then choose
how you want to play, and then click Begin Game. To get back the original
game, just quit Jedi Outcast and start it up again. The regular menu will
be back again. While the Mod is loaded, don't load a saved game from any
level other than Temple Escape (called templev2 in the save menu), and don't
load a game you saved in Temple Escape while the regular game, or another mod,
is loaded.
****Legal Info:
Copyright 2003 by Tristan Whalen
Do not use the 'egypt' MP3 file outside of this map unless you own
Rogue's Quake MP2: Dissolution of Eternity
You [Kyle] were returning to a Republic Base on Yavin IV, but before you
reach it, something shoots your ship down, and you black out.
Later, you awake to a vile odor and a dusty prison room. You realize
you are in the dungeon of a different ancient temple on Yavin IV.
Outside your cell, you see a Stormtrooper at one end of the
hall and your weapon and light goggles at the other end on a
shelf. They don't know that you're awake yet, so no door has been put on
the prison room's doorway.
You want to escape instead of waiting to see what the Remnant does
to you. Of course, if the legends of this temple are true, part of
your path out is through the catacombs-the tribe that created this
temple guarded their dead with several traps and illusions. Good luck.
TIPS-Avoid reading if possible!
>The Remnant has installed lighting in several areas. The power generators
are exposed to your gunfire, and if one is destroyed, all of the lights
and guns it powers will go out.
>In the big room with the strange lighting on one side, you must find and
destroy six enemies in a row to...well, you'll find out.
>Remember to save the game before exploring the catacombs. You never know
where you might be killed by the angry dead... :)
>There are three secret areas. In one of them, you can acquire most force powers.
>Turn out your lights so you can see your computer screen better; this level is
 dark in some places. Crank up your volume; this level has cool music!
>For the best effect in the catacombs, use 1st person view and don't use your
 light goggles!
Q: Nothing appears in my Mod list. What's wrong?
A: You must download the 1.04 patch that Raven released for the game.
Q: What does Com_sprintf Overflow in 129 of 128 mean?
A: Don't worry about it. The level should still play normally.
Q: Which mode should I choose first?
A: I recommend Soldier Mode. The level plays best in first person with guns.
   Not to say it isn't fun with a lightsaber.
Q: Why is there all this electrical stuff (doors, lights) in an ancient temple?
A: The Remnant has installed it all, and it all runs on power generators. Not all the
   lights are electric, though...
Q: I give. Why is the Remnant here?
A: You'll find out in my next level...
Q: You loser! Why don't you use GTK Radiant like everyone else?
A: You loser! Why do you give a darn? (I will be using G for future levels, though.)
Q: Is this your first map?
A: Yes. This is my first map that was not practice.
Q: Can I email you with comments/questions/concerns/complaints?
A: Sure. Please email me comments about this level using my address at the top.
   I will make more levels based on what I receive.
[end of document]

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