The Remnant Plot - Part II



Who ya gonna call? For this one, probably Mulder and Scully.

Short summary. Kyle Katarn beings outside an Imperial facility of some sort. His mission is to infiltrate the place and screw over those Imperials. So, he makes his attack during the night - despite the sky being the blue light of day and the Imperials not even turning the lights on. Well, can't blame 'em really. As the base commander quite rightly said - "It's the middle of summer, and we can't afford the heating bill!". Upon completion of this objective... well... you don't want to know. That's as much as you're gettin' from me; this isn't a walkthrough. :p

As a basic summary, several things detracted from this mod. Primarily architecture. It's blocky, and not in the same style of blockiness as Raven's maps. Most walls are just flat brushes painted in, rooms are just hollowed out cubes, etc. That's kind of a surprise, since certain elements do actually look quite good, suggesting to me that 95% of the included maps haven't been designed to the full extent of the author's ability. Not that there's anything wrong with basic architecture, as it can be very appropriate, but when the majority of a map is nothing but dead basic architecture, well... it gets, boring, I suppose is the right word. The visual element is often the most important, due to how the human brain works.

Other technical problems include misaligned and badly placed textures. These can be fixed via use of the Surface Inspector tool (select a brush face and press S to use it). Lighting needs major improvement - in many areas you can't even see at all. Light sources would also be good to add, tying in with my mention of the visual aspect above - due to the nature of the human psyche, gamers are more likely to enjoy products they can relate to. The audio side of things needs work, as does the visual. The mod just didn't have any real audio cues or elements.

The mission itself was quite rocky, to be honest. Basically just run through and smack the few enemies you meet on the way. Basically all you need is a lightsaber and Force Push, and you're God to these creeps. The scripted elements present in the mission were well-done, so no doubt the author would be able to create something a little more involving, and challenging. I'm always curious upon discovering someone who can script effectively, because everyone uses the knowledge in their own unique way.

Some minor in-game elements have been changed, too. The Weequay, Mark I vehicle, AT-ST and Probe Droid have been reskinned, and so have the Bowcaster and Merr-Sonn. Can't say I'm fond of the new looks, but they do fit well with their intended purposes. I suppose....

The second map, I simply refuse to talk about. I think all that really needs to be said is... Thank God for high levels of psychological tolerance.

This mod, due to it's complete surreality near the ending, probably isn't for the faint of heart. That means if you're a weak-minded fool, likely to fall off your chair, probably going to damage your kidneys and liver or harm your retina by staring at the screen in a state of paralysis - take precautionary measures.

And while we're on the topic of insanity-inducing products, "Guilmon bread, Guilmon bread, there's a loaf shaped like my head!" - possibly the only YTMND capable of overpowering the "Find The Computer Room!" YTMND. Of course, they're both classics, but whatever....

~ Kouen



The Remnant Plot - Part II
Outpost Infiltration
File name                  : outpost_inf.zip
Author                     : Tristan Whalen
Email Address              : [email protected]
Map Description            : Infiltrate a primative Remnant Outpost, at first.
Additional Credits to      : Julius Fucik (composer, 1872-1916)
                             and of course George Lucas, Lucasarts, Raven, etc.
Thanks to                  : Rich Diesel (JKRad tutorials)
                             Simon "Kengo" Williams (menu/scripting tutorials)
New Textures     : Yes
New Music        : Yes
Brush Count      : (Map 1) 1104  (Map 2) 69
Entity Count     : (Map 1) 357   (Map 2) 128
Base info        : from scratch
Build time       : about six months of work total
Software used    : JK2 Radiant, behavED, Microsoft Paint, notepad

[1-Unzip]: Use Winzip to unzip the file you downloaded into your Jedi Outcast 'gamedata' folder.
(Or, Windows XP may call it a 'compressed folder'. Simply open the compressed folder and move
the contents to your Jedi Outcast 'gamedata' folder.) This will put a folder called 'Remnant Plot II Outpost' in your gamedata folder.
[2-Play]: Load up Jedi Outcast. Click Setup->Mods->Remnant Plot II Outpost->Load Mod.
Click NEW to start a new game. Choose Lightsaber Mode or Soldier Mode for the first time
you play. If nothing appears in the Mod list, download the 1.04 patch for Jedi Outcast.

  >>>Styles of Play:
[Lightsaber Mode]: You start with a lightsaber and maximum lightsaber powers. Saber-wielding
enemies appear. There are more enemies than in Soldier mode. There far fewer weapons
and ammo pickups. This is the easiest mode.
[Soldier Mode]: You start with the Bryar Pistol. You can acquire weapons and find ammo
pickups. No saber-wielding enemies appear. I strongly recommend this mode for this map,
as you will find it to make more sense and be much more fun and challenging.
[Berserker Mode]: Only play this mode after completing Soldier or Lightsaber mode. This
mode throws all logic out the window and let's you...ahem...have a blast. Plus, beat it
and you will start Kejim Post with something nice. I shall reiterate: only play this mode
after beating lightsaber or soldier mode! This is for replaying only! Got it? Good.

  >>>Legal Info:
Copyright 2007 by Tristan Whalen. Download and play at your own risk :) The file may be
distributed freely as long as it is kept whole and intact and no money is involved.

Composed by Julius Fucik in 1897 (Public Domain)
Information about it and a link to the free mp3 download:
Free mp3 download:

If for some reason you want to use any other component of this mod for yourself (like my
textures, maps, weapon modifications, custom difficulty ideas, etc.) you may, as long as
you credit them to me (Tristan Whalen).
[Note: This is PART 2, continuing from Ancient Temple Escape]
You dash through the gates as they slide open, revealing the escape route from the
nightmarish temple. Thinking quickly (as usual), you dive into the cargo hold
of a Remnant vessel. Just as you duck into a crate, the ship takes off. Apparently, it is
piloted by two troopers who survived your rampage. Overheard:
"Man, I don't wanna know what the commander'll do when he finds out about this."
"The prisoner killed the commander."
"I mean the other commander! At Outpost 8J."
"Outpost 8J?"
"That's where we're headed."
"Oh. Why?"
"To deliver this last artifact from the temple. The commander has some *plot* up his sleeve.
    He says with the power from these artifacts, we'll be able to control the galaxy once
"Funny, if we're so close to controlling a galaxy, how come we can't hold one prisoner deep
    within the dungeon of a temple with over thirty troops?"
"I don't know. Maybe bad map design."
"What exactly do these artifacts do?"
"Well, tonight at the outpost they're going to test one artifact on some trooper armor
    and a Merr Sonn Rocket Launcher. When we arrive, they should be finished. I don't
    understand all the technical, scientifical stuff, but somehow they plan to infuse the
    magic of the artifact into the armor to make it stronger and into the rocket launcher
    to make it better. They've been kind of worried though, afraid it will cause some kind
    of rift gate, or wormhole, or teleporter to some galaxy far, far away."
"I could use a good rocket launcher."
"We'll see if the experiment was successful when we arrive. For all we know, it didn't
    work, so don't get your hopes up. Besides, we'll have to leave again for Outpost 8K
    after dropping off this cargo, so you'll only have time to say hello."
OBJECTIVES [these will also appear in your datapad]:
>Outpost 8J? As soon as you land, break into the outpost.
>An upgraded rocket launcher sounds good. Find it. Make it yours. (Assuming the experiment
 went according to plan).
>Finish off this operation. Find and kill the Commander.
>Destroy the temple artifact to nip this *plot* in the bud.
Q: So is this your second level? Did it really take you over four years to make it?
A: This is my second level and took about 6 months. The rest of the time was motivation.
Q: What's up with the "Remnant Plot part I" and "part II"?
A: It's a title to show that the levels have something to do with each other.
Q: It isn't a very creative title. I mean, c'mon, "Remnant Plot"?
A: Perhaps...but what else has used the name 'remnant plot', hmmm? Nothing! It's completely original!
Q: Do you know how to make cutscenes?
A: Yes. I choose not to because (A)I'm not at all good at making cutscenes, (B)they're a
   bit tedious to make anyway, and (C)they're tedious and boring to sit through.
Q: Why don't you make maps for JK3 instead of JK2?
A: Some people still only have JK2, like me.
Q: I hate your level. How can I tell you how much it stinks?
A: Don't. Just delete it from your computer. I didn't make you download it.
Q: I love your level. How can I praise your abilities?
A: Use the various forums or email me. Questions, comments, advice, or compliments are
   welcome at [email protected]
Q: I think I saw or read a reference to another computer game. Am I right?
A: Probably.
[end of document]

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