The Room



Samiel_6 brings us the headquarters for his clan {S-6}. The map is called The Room and it has an outdoor area with three landing pads, waterfall (wink,wink), secret room and a hallway leading to what looks like a throne room. The music is very relaxing and sets the mood for hangouts or clan meetings.

I really like this maps secret room very good for hanging out. My only complaint is the size of the map, but then again it is a clan head quarters how big does it really need to be? There are enough pickups if you want to wreak some havoc but will be hard with the music included. The only problem I noticed was a couple of seems in the map nothing to deter you from downloading this. Great map keep on mapping.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA




I made this map as My first HQ for my clan.

It has several rooms and a secret bar.
There are some clipping problems on the roof, as I forgot to corden that part of, so by rights you should be able to go up there.

The music is of ambiant style and more relaxing than war.

I put plenty of weapons and health etc for your use.

Have fun

Stuart J Mager
AKA: Samiel_6
Leader of clan {S-6}


[email protected]

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