The ShroomDuck Inc. Skin Pack!




To go along with our pack of 28 maps, we put together a skin pack. These include the "Jedi Lick," "Kavu Reborn," "Boognish," "Green Storm," "Rhiom," and 6 "Multi-Colored" Wookiees. These skins were made either by members of the team or donated by friends of the team.

Let's cut to the chase. For the most part, these seem to be recolors with logos and names added. They don't look bad, though...most of the time when someone slaps a logo on something it immediately becomes a horrifying thing to look at. Not so here.Rhiom:I liked this one. I don't remember what base model it is, but the skinning job is nice. The clothing is nearly all grayscale - minimal use of color. It actually looks very nice that way...stands out in it's own fashion. The name Rhiom is skinned onto the belt twice and a large logo on the back reads the same.Jedi Lick:I think this one came out the best of them all. It's a reborn reskin, but with green and yellow as the main colors. On the hood there are a few yellow lines, and on the chest there is a "Lick" symbol. In case you hadn't guessed, Lick is a clan for JO.Oh, and on the back, it says "lick me".Kavu Reborn:Another reborn reskin, but this one isn't bad either. The main skin consists of a neon yellow-green, with a blue design on it. On the hood and on the front, there are some green spots, and on the chest there is another insignia, this one a "K".Boognish:Final reborn reskin in the pack. The face is likened to that of the boognish, while the clothes are green and dark cyan. It's a shame the face isn't more accommodating of that huge mouth...it would certainly look better without the lips and nose in the way. The hood doesn't help either, I guess...but c'mon, to do it justice, you need a whole new model.Green Storm:More like Mountain Dew Trooper! It's a stormie, and he's all green with yellow trim and accents. There's a logo that looks to me like MD on the back, hence the nickname.Multi-colored Wookiees:Well, in the most critical sense, it looks like these were simply given a few photoshop filters. In the least critical sense, you now have six furry colors to chase people around with: blue, green, orange, purple, red and gold.For what seems like a collection of personal skins, this isn't bad. If you like ShroomDuck Inc. (and you better XD), then check these out. You just might like them.~Dretzel


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