The Storm Trooper "Officer" Patch

Kaia brings us a simple and sweet mod. The Storm Trooper "Officer" Patch as the author calls it allows the use of the pauldron in MP. This...


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Kaia brings us a simple and sweet mod. The Storm Trooper "Officer" Patch as the author calls it allows the use of the pauldron in MP. This was whipped up so the author could use the bots in his server and give a different variety.

Nothing new was really done here and the author admits that and doesn’t take any credit. Download this if you think you need a little change from the ordinary MP Stormtroppers.


Below is an excerpt from the author’s email:

I can hardly take any credit for this. This is merely a skin & surf file allowing use of the "Officer" StormTrooper from JK2 SIngle player in Multiplayer.

I simply wanted to add a little variation to the Stormie bots on my server. Nothing fancy here.

For good measure, I threw in an icon and a couple bot files that should ensure all Troopers work cooperatively (they won't shoot at each other).

There aren't any custom sounds or team variations, as I didn't need any. Besides, IMHO red and blue StormTroopers look silly.


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Download '' (15KB)

Storm Trooper "Officer" Patch

---Author details---------------------------------------------------------

Author id                 : Raven and LucasArts (heck all I did was edit a text file)	

Name                      : n/a

Email                     : n/a

Website                   : n/a

---File details-----------------------------------------------------------

Description               : Just a little patch to allow MP use of the

                            StormTrooper with "pauldron" enabled.

Installation instructions : Extract the pk3 into your gamedata/base

                            directory found in the JK2 folder. To use the

                            bots, just add the bots like usual. Their names

                            are Stormtrooper_Officer and Stormtrooper. This

                            mod/bot pack should be 100% compatible with

                            other mods.

Filesize                  : 16 KB

Build date                : 26th July, 2003

Version                   : 1.0

Version History           : 1.0 - Initial release


This is required by the LEC licence agreement.

* I admit that * 

1. My Level works only with the retail version of the

   Software, and does not work with any demo or OEM versions

   of the Software.  

2. My Level does not modify any COM, EXE, DLL or other executable files.

3. My Level does not contain any illegal, scandalous, 

   illicit, defamatory, libelous, or objectionable material

   (as may be determined by LEC in its sole discretion), or

   any material that infringes any trademarks, copyrights,

   protected works, publicity, proprietary, or other rights

   of any third party or of LEC.  

4. My Level does not include any LEC sound effects or music files or 

   portions thereof.

5. My Level identifies in every description file, on-

   line description, read-me, and in comments in the New

   Level code: (a) the name, address, and e-mail address of

   the level's creators, and (b) the following disclaimer:




6. My Level may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with

   any other product for which any charge is made (other than

   incidental charges for time spent on-line), but rather

   must be distributed free of charge. 

7. By distributing or permitting the distribution of any New

   Levels, all creators or owners of any trademark, 

   copyright, or other right, title or interest therein grant

   to LEC an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, sub-

   licensable right to distribute the New Level by any means

   (whether now known or hereafter invented), and to create

   and distribute by any means (whether now known or here-

   after invented) derivative works thereof, and to charge

   for the distribution of such New Level or such derivative

   work, with no obligation to account to any creators or

   owners of the New Level in any manner.


Raven and LucasArts for Jedi Outcast, and all the other great games they have contributed on.

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