The Weird Side (Issue 3)

I know this was posted earlier in the week, but the readme was left out and there were no pictures and so I needed to upload this version an...


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I know this was posted earlier in the week, but the readme was left out and there were no pictures and so I needed to upload this version and stuff, so I'm also reviewing it.

This is the third issue of The Weird Side and there are no signs of this publication slowing down at all. Not only is this issue packed full of interviews of people from the TMBJ community, a lead in the Matrix mod, reviews of movies, music and games, there are also games, how-to articles, feature articles and some very funny comics and ads. Yes, I am on staff and I'm a contributing writer, but even if I weren't, I'd be suggesting you guys check this out. It's informative, funny and irreverent.

A lot has gone into this issue and you can expect an even better issue next month. So download this and be sure to write to the staff to let them know what you think, or if you want to join the staff or if you have ideas for future articles, interviews, etc. :)


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The Weird Side ~ Issue 3

Created by: The Weird Side Magazine Staff

Managing Editor: Doughty Gubay
Lead Proofer: Daku
Lead Graphics Designer: ShroomDuck
Lead Marketing: Stuart Fisty

Feature Writers: AmosMagee, Arrgh, FurySpawN and Shadow
Staff Writers: AmosMagee, KaKaRot, Mithran, Maximus, Doughty Gubay, Shadow and Daku
Marketing: Doughty Gubay, Cybershark, Shadow, and Android
Proofers: Amosmagee, Daku, Fury, ├ćtherWolf, Cybershark and Rhadamanthus
Graphic Designers: ShroomDuck, FurySpawN, Kao, Shadow and Doughty Gubay
Layout Design: Doughty Gubay

Technical Expert: SensoryOverlord

Cover Design: ShroomDuck

This Issue: Girl Gamers, Sig Making Basics, [TMBJ]Kyran interview, CoD: United Assault, Feet and Cheese, Connect-Thine-Dots, Modder Interview and movie and music reviews.


This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible Acrobat software. 

The name may have changed but the focus has remained the same. The Weird Side is an electronic publication printed for all walks of life. The views of all authors contributing to TWS Magazine are not necessarily the views of The Weird Side, TMBJ, or FFS. The main concept of this magazine is to talk about the peripheral topics involving the gaming world with insight from the FFS and TMBJ clans.

Suggestions? Email [email protected] with your input.

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