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A map for jk2! These are becoming a rarity. I didn't know that jk2 still had a breath of life in it after so long. Nice to see that people s...


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A map for jk2! These are becoming a rarity. I didn't know that jk2 still had a breath of life in it after so long. Nice to see that people still use it and mod for it.

This map is much better than the first version, fur sure. Granted, it's still not nearly what it could be, but there are improvements.

I'll cover positives first. This map is created to be a theme park, and it has quite a few interactive elements of a theme park. There are two roller-coaster-style rides, three diving boards for the pool, one ferris wheel and a moon walk. These all operate exactly as intended. The carousel from V1 was removed...kind of a bummer.

On the flip side, however, it is missing some key aesthetic qualities of a theme park. The architecture is very simple, and there are still some non-caulked faces between glass brushes. But even more so...there are no bright lights, vibrant colors or ambient sounds. What Averus said in his review of version 1 still applies:

My first note when I came into the map was that it was dead silent. Whilst it's important to not have silent maps period, it's doubly important for a theme park. Those things is noisy O_o! People screaming and talking, rides running and exploding,* games and what not, the whole package, y'know?

In the way of aesthetics, all the rides are really just boxes that are run on a path. They operate just fine, but they could definitely look better than just a box.

I would highly recommend scripting everything to run, but JO doesn't have scripts, so I would also have to suggest moving the map to JA. Theme parks are possible, and this proves it. The author stated that they aren't going to work on this any more, so maybe someone can take over. This map can become something neat.


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 JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Outcast

TITLE : Theme Park 2
TYPE : Map
AUTHOR : Ledzar

RELEASE DATE : September 2008


This is the second map I have made of a theme park. The map
includes a parking hanger, ticket booths, and two sections of the
park: a Main Park and a Water Park

Main Park:
Includes a Farris Wheel, Jumping House (titled "Jumpy Jumpy"), and
a inovative new hover coaster, "The Thunder."

Water Park:
Includes three diving boards of varying hights that launch you 
into the pool, a water coaster titled "Hydro Blaster", and a party
area under the pool.

1. Download the .zip file
2. Unzip the .pk3 file into your GameData/base folder
3. Launch Outcast and select create a server with the "Theme Park
   2.0" map

KNOWN BUGS                                     

The map is loadable for any gametype, although it was only ment for
FFA, TFFA, and Duel.

Unfortunatly, I could not get custom music to work, so music is
standard JK2 music.

There may be a small glitch in the Jumpy Jumpy that causes a water
noise to occur when stepping on a certain spot.

While swimming in the pool, if you look up you can see through the
wooden floor.

If you are interested in working out these bugs, contact me and I
can give you the .map file. I do not plan on working on this map
any more.


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