Thermal Detonator Volleyball

Thermal Detonator Volleyball! Now that sounds like one very painful sport…

What we have here is a small court for playing the said sport....


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Thermal Detonator Volleyball! Now that sounds like one very painful sport…

What we have here is a small court for playing the said sport. It is fairly simple in design, with a spectator area around the top, and the volleyball court down below. The court is of course divided into two, one side is for the red team and the other side is for the blue team. The court is reached by using a teleporter button at each side of the spectator area. A nice feature here is that only red players can use the teleporter on the red side, and only blue team players can use the teleporter on the blue side. Good thinking there! :)

Down below on the court, you can select which weapon you will use. The namesake thermal detonator, or if you want, you can use the rocket launcher! As far as I understand, the principle of the game is that you fire at the opposing team, and then each team uses force push to push the detonator or rocket back to the other team and so on, until someone makes a mistake and…BOOM!

If you thought that wasn’t death-defying enough… the floor is also breakable! So the more a team looses a round, the more of the floor on their side of the court crumbles. Personally I really liked this feature, it adds that bit extra depth to the gameplay. Once you have finished your game, a new game can be started by pressing the ‘new game’ button on one side of the court.

There are a few things that could be improved upon however. Mainly the map needs some proper lighting, as no light compile seems to have been used here, which means the entire map is lit up at full brightness. The other thing is that there is no music in this map. Personally I think some good fast paced music would be good for a sports themed map such as this.

All in all a good idea for a map here, and a nice addition to our collection of JK2 / JKA Sports related maps. If you guys fancy a go, then give it a download! :)

Bot Support: No New Textures:Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Thermal Detonator VolleyBall
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: tdv.pk3 
FILESIZE: 48.1 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 21 July 2008 

CREDITS: Ralden, for just messing around so I could come up with this idea. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip into your base. The end.

DESCRIPTION: Tis thermal detonator volleyball.

		Objective: -Defend your side, attack the other.

		Server specs: -Minimal force, full level push required, jump is handy. 
			      -Weapons need to be enabled. 
			      -Team FFA as a gametype. 
			      -Fraglimit of 100 or so, be sure it's up there.

		How to play: -Throw thermals at the other side's floor. Who ever runs out of floor first loses. 
			     -To enter the court, 'use' the button on the facing wall of your side.

		Rules: -In likely event of your opponents death, the match is paused, until your opponent is back on the court.
		       -If you fall in the pit, you will be teleported back up after 10 seconds.
		       -Those not playing need to STAY OFF THE COURT!
		       -Be sure to specify what weapons and if other force powers are allowed.
		       -Feel free to make up your own house rules. These are just the base rules.

		Note: -The rectangle at the back is a safety square, and cannot be destroyed. 
		      -Press use on the "New Game" button to reset the map. 
		      -There is an invisible wall separating the two courts. You can access the otherside of the court on either side if the wall, near the bottom. Also, on the wall where the Newgame button is, there is an invisible ledge, so you can access the button easier.

BUGS: Participants die. Fix that, you've fixed the game. No other weapons except Thermals and Rockets. Use cheats for extra weapons. 

COMMENTS: Just one new texture, no models, sounds, or otherwise. Feel free to make your own TDV maps. The floors are made of func_glass, because func_destructable did not work. Try it out, you should see why. :( 

-----Pass this along-----
I, RacecaR, hereby grant permission to any person who downloads file to pass it to their friends, public or private. If it is to a major public/private corperation, be sure to let me know. I like to feel good about my work. :)


Post Script: I might be making different versions of TDV. Just to let you know.

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