Trinity Duel

I admit, when I first opened up the .pk3 of this map, I was a little excited. There were a slew of new textures for my eyes to gaze at, as...


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I admit, when I first opened up the .pk3 of this map, I was a little excited. There were a slew of new textures for my eyes to gaze at, as well as some pretty nice cityscape shots that I figured would be used to great effect. I was, unfortunately, dissapointed.

The map consists of two rooms, an elevator shaft, and a square pit outside of an opaque window that, with a bit of imagination, could pass for a vertical shaft between buildings, although the presence of a cieling on the sky at the same level as the rest of the map's cieling is pretty disorienting. Assuming you find the pit (which only occurs if you happen to graze your saber across the opaque windows that look like sliding doors), and happen to fall in, you sit on an invisible surface until your health wears out, which is awesome if you hate void tiggers. If you hate dying altogether, you can try the elevator shaft. It's warm, cozy, dark, and both death- and escape-free!

A few breakable objects are thrown in for seemingly little more reason that just to have breakable objects. Some walls break, but not others. In one room, a table can get smashed to smithereens while the two wooden chairs beside it are as unbreakable as duracrete. Go figure. The other room has a door that leads nowhere, which puzzled me for about 30 seconds as I tried to see if there was anythign behind it -- no such luck. A second set of opaque windows that don't break rounds out the second area.

With a veritable cornucopia of textures just begging to be used, it's a crying shame that the developer didn't pull them in more to his advantage. Bare walls, uninteresting floors, and generic cielings are just about your only companions. Still, you can be sure of a close combat duel: With noplace to go, the fighting boils down to skill mastery.

The map may think it's a rendition of the Trinity Duel scene in The Matrix Reloaded, but it takes a stretch of the imagination to visualize it. A solid duel map should provide an environment that enlivens the duel experience; this does not. Leave the tuna alone: there are other fish in the sea.

Bot Support: NO New Textures: YES New Music: NO Game Types: DUEL

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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Download '' (2.16MB)

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Instalation Instructions:
1. First this file needs to be unziped.
2. Take the unzipped pk3 file and place it into your base file (ie:C://
3. This map is a duel map so if you want to test it, you can find it in
the duel selection of choosing the arena.  

ThankYou for downloading my map:D

If there are any bugs you can find with this map just tell me so I can fix them.

This map was designed by ISA-boburob-CM.

Lol this is based in the scene of matrix reloaded when trinty almost dies, this is my thrid map and i think there gettin better

I havent set up a bot route so they may continuously kill themselves:D

Have fun

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