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Hmm, I have to say, it sure didn't feel like this "greatly enhanced the gameplay of Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast". In fact, it's a mixed bag....


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Hmm, I have to say, it sure didn't feel like this "greatly enhanced the gameplay of Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast". In fact, it's a mixed bag.

On the plus side, it does replace a lot of the characters in the game. The model choices are at best unlikely - and downright bizzare - given their intended usages. Kyle and Jan are now Tusken Raiders, Stormtroopers are replaced with a cybernetic heap of metal which gave me a desire to sing the Transformers theme song, and Imperials are now various versions of Coleman Trebor. Other models used include Sebulba, Darth Maul, Royal Guard, and various other assorted Star Wars entities. Still, as bizzare a selection as it is, it's certainly different.

With this mod, you start with the saber and maxed out force powers, thus removing many of the more fun elements from a large chunk of the game. Being godlike isn't really all it's cracked up to be.... The lightsaber is replaced with the Tusken staff - probably not the smartest choice, considering it cuts straight through robots whereas given the laws of physics, it shouldn't even leave a dent. >_>

There's also a couple of other mods, thrown in for good measure. A jetpack mod and a TCK Saber mod for dual saber and twin sabers.

Naturally, with most modifications comes bugs.

1. Don't expect to use first person view. You can use it, but you'll get glitches, due to the Tusken Raider model having... extremities coming out of it's head. Pipes, to be precise. Not only are they annoying, but they block out a large chunk of your view.

2. One of the more noticable model errors is the untextured parts on the Coleman Trebor variants, however, various other model errors include buggy animations, small mesh glitches, and minor deformations. One example is Darth Maul's nose doing the talking.

3. The roll move has been changed to JKA's "Butterfly" move. Even though this change is intentional, it's problematic to gameplay. This move WILL get you killed. A lot. Also, since there's no roll, you can't dodge effectively, and you can't prevent yourself from taking fall damage.

4. Kill the troopers on the balcony (near the start of Kejim Post) as fast as you can. Jan can now jump up there, and if she does, she won't get on the lift when you blow the door open. Should she have the opportunity to make that jump, use Force Push to knock her back down and hope there's no fall damage.

5. This goes for any mod, or even if you aren't playing a mod at all - the exploding machine in the first level must always be shot at. Not slashed, shocked, or detonated, but shot at. Destroying it via any means other than the Bryar or E-11 will result in you being kicked from the game.

It's an interesting model overwrite pack, on account of the fact that it's so different. Still, between the slight bugs and the tweaks which increase the gameplay difficulty, it's probably wise to avoid unless you're after a challenge as well as some model overwrites.

~ Kouen

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Download 'tusken_mod_1.3.zip' (37.06MB)

Jedi Knight 2 Modification:

    AUTHOR: LukeSkillz, Various people (see credits below)
    EMAIL: [email protected]
        This is a Partial Conversion/Add-on that greatly enhances the gameplay of Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast.

  Installation: Simply copy the 'Tusken Mod' folder to your GAMEDATA directory (usually located in C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast). Get into the SP or MP game, and go into 'Setup'. Go to 'Mods' and load the Tusken Mod.


============================Single Player===================================
   Characters are changed. Kyle and Jan are changed to tuskens, all troopers 
are changed to waaaaayy better robots, and as for everyone else, just look
for yourself. I can't seem to recall who all is changed to who. There are many changes, though. Also, you now have full force and the Tusken Staff at the beginning of the game. (Minor  changes to random weapons are also included.) ONE BUG WITH THIS. Since you are a tusken raider, your 'eyes' stick out farther than Kyle's. You should play in 3rd person unless you like 3 transparent tubes floating on your screen as you play.

   You have access to all Tusken Mod Characters in MP. You also have the TCK
Saber Mod, jetpack, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. One of these things is the new saber/staff. You can get a double sided saber, or instead of two sabers, you get a dual bladed one. However, when using special sabers there are no longer weak, medium, and strong saber stances, there are just two different swing styles. Some may think this is for the worse, but its really cool. To use these sabers, go into the controls, and click 'other'. You can configure the TCK Saber mod buttons there. NOTE: To turn on a TCK Special Saber, you must have your single bladed one off.

  If you blow up the machine on SP Level 1 with your staff, an error message
will appear, and you will be kicked out of the game. SHOOT IT. DON'T HIT IT.
If you do that, it works fine.
  Jan will probably jump up and kill troopers when she usually couldn't.
This means that on SP Level 1, you can't continue past blowing up the door
unless you get her down. DON'T FORCE GRIP HER!! YOU WILL LOSE THE LEVEL! Use
force pull/push to get Jan off that place so you can continue. Another thing
you could do to stop this is just kill the troopers before she can get up
  In cutscenes, Desann's (now Darth Maul's) mouth is misplaced, so basically his nose is what talks and you can see right through him. If you don't know I mean, just play the cutscenes and you'll find out.
  When using either IG-L337 or Rx-178 and two sabers in MP, the second saber will float a little ways off to the left of the robot.

BOFH, for the TCK Saber Mod, jetpack, grapple hook in MP.
Major Clod, for the amazing Tusken Raider and Gaffi (Tusken Staff) models.
ACiDuS, for IG-L337 (the black robot).
Duncan_10158 and inbredyokel, for the Sebulba Model.
es0, for the Phantom Menace Maul Model.
bleek, for the future Kyle model.
Webley, for the Royal Guard model
Gemini, for the Rx-178 model.
ShadowBlight, for the Calsann model.
Chairwalker, for the Galak Mech.
Psyk0Sith, for the Coleman Trebor model.
Ben Warrington, for the Robo Tavion model.
[PS]Optik, for the Dooku's Saber Hilt model.
LukeSkillz, for various script/shader/model/etc. modifications that made all these things work together, as well as the menu screenshot, HUD modifications, weapon model modifications, etc.
Lucas Arts/Activision/Raven, for making the game that this modifies (thus making this possible.)


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