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Well, basically this map is the same as the Swamp Training map that’s just been uploaded, only this one has been slightly modified for the [...


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Well, basically this map is the same as the Swamp Training map that’s just been uploaded, only this one has been slightly modified for the [TW] clan, with the addition of a [TW] sign on the top of the main building in the map! Apart from that I couldn’t see anything else different, so I will just quote the review I just did for the Swamp Training map. :)

If you are a member of the [TW] clan then you should like this! ;)

How long has JK2 been out now? About 4 years I think, as I’m sure you will agree, that’s quite a long time! I used to love playing JK2 Multiplayer, and I’m glad to say its stood the test of time, not only do people still play, but we still get maps sent here for it too!

Here we have a map that is entitled Swamp Training. The readme informs us that this is the author’s second map and that it is good for guns but also for sabers. I must say, you could have some frantic blaster battles on this map, but the one thing that bothered me about that was that there isn’t that much cover. It probably could have done with some crates or wreckage lying around that you could duck for cover behind.

There is a nice big pool in this map though, and a diving board that when you walk on it, it shoots you straight up into the air! Talk about a ‘high-dive’! If you swim to the bottom of the pool, there is a sunken X-Wing there, which I thought was kinda cool. :) There are also a couple of buildings, one that looks kinda like a control room, and one that is like a wooden hut, that has a bar inside.

There are some things that could be improved upon though, one being that there wasn’t any music in this map. Another thing that would have been cool was bot support, I know the prospect of bot routing your map can be a bit daunting, but it’s pretty easy really. There is a great tutorial on this site, here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/info/BotWaypointTutorial Also bear in mind that this tutorial works for both JK2 and JKA!

Just a couple more little things, one being that the map could have done with there being some more trees, seeing as it’s a swamp, that would have been cool. The other is that there isn’t a levelshot, I know this is just a small thing, but it makes a big difference to the presentation of the map! ;)

If anyone is wondering how to make a levelshot, all you need to do is go in the game and go on first person view. Then go into the console and type /cg_draw2d 0 to get the HUD off (put 1 at the end to turn it back on) and then type /cg_drawgun 0 to get the gun model off (put 1 at the end to turn it back on). Then you will have a nice clear screen, then type in the console /bind x screenshot (x can be any key you want) all you need to do then is just press the letter you put in there instead of x and it will take a screenshot! Then go into an imaging program and resize the screenshot you took so its square, for instance I resize mine to 1024x1024 pixels.

After that, rename the screenshot to have the same name as your .bsp file, and put the finished shot in the levelshots folder in your .pk3, all done! :)

I hope that helps!

All in all a nice map here, considering that it’s only your second map!

Keep up the good work mate, and if you need any help mapping don’t forget to try the FileFront JK Series Modding forums that are linked to on the nav bar to your left (under the ‘The Community’ header), or you could try these excellent JK2 / JKA tutorials here: http://www.richdiesal.map-craft.com. :)

I look forward to seeing more of your maps mate!

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel, CTF, CTY


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Download 'tw_swamp.zip' (807KB)

Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
Title: Swamp Training
Author: reelo (aka [TW]Pluto)
E-Mail: jfbowler09@yahoo.com
Website: none

Filename: Swamptraining


after downloading place file in the base folder in the gamedata folder


this is my second map and this one is a large area for guns (again) but is also
good for sabering, it has a large pool, duel area, a bar, and a sniping area
other things are, 2 traps wich send u to a jail u can't get out of and a secret area
(wich is quite hard to find so heres a clue- its in the water)


not enough light in some areas
needs more buildings (i am making a version 2)


yes-[TW]Pluto and reelo are same person i just use diff names for diff servers
as do most people and if icka is reading this im sorry for tricking you but one
thing lead to another so ya im sorry 


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