Twifire1000 (serverside)

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c_vars scripts and so on that you can use to customise things, but I have been more than a little baffled trying to get this mod to work myself.Twifire v1000 seems to have a lot of really awesome features but it seems like it meeds much more time and understanding than I have in order to get it to work properly. Some of the features include:

From launching TIE fighters at your enemies to rapid fire super rocket launchers or maybe just flying around on a jetpack, there's nothing you can't do in Twifire. Twifire's most notable addition is fully working and fully powered in-game Map editing. Want to add a chair in the corner? Go ahead. Want to light in fire? Go ahead. Want to make it move when players get near it? Go ahead. You can do anything with just a little work. Players digging through the commands might even find my unfinished 'Minecraft' mode. Remember, if this seems like too much to you, you can change a few options and the server isn't any different from a BaseJK server. Twifire also features tons of security systems to keep your server running online securely. No more angry hackers taking down your server. Twifire also can automatically restore some of the default singleplayer maps. (Some, not all) This mod requires no client downloads.

I have to say, the map editing feature sounds great, the author has even included some sample files in the .zip that you can use to start up a server to test these out.Please be aware though, that it does not seem this mod can be loaded ingame from the mod menu, rather, you need to start a dedicated server using the included batch (launcher.bat) file. I did find a bit of a problem with the batch file though; it would not start up the game when used. I had a peek inside and to fix it so it launches the game, you need to replace the:


bit at the start with

cd ..jk2mp

Also note from the batch file it will set the com_hunkmegs set to 128 or higher in order to prevent it hanging on the map startup screen!I succeeded in starting up a server, but I had several errors in the console telling me it could not load the .cfg's and when I joined my server nothing looked different... but as I said, server mods were never my strong point so I wouldnt be surprised if I had dome something wrong and messed it up, that and I didnt really have the time to familiarise myself with all the workings of the mod. Still if you are familiar with how to set up and use server mods, I encourage you to give this a download and have a go with it, as it has some pretty awesome features listed!If I had to make any suggestions, I would say that mods like this really need a simple step by step setup guide for dunces like me who have very little experience with server mods!If you like the sound of this mod, make sure to give it a try and feel free to tell me what I did wrong! XD~Nozyspy~


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