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Shadow Stone brings us this reskin of the Cheshire Vader model, called The Vader Twin. refer to the readme for a backround of him :) I like...


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Shadow Stone brings us this reskin of the Cheshire Vader model, called The Vader Twin. refer to the readme for a backround of him :) I like the way the author has made more than one secret skin from this, he has made 3 new secret models, one with no cloak, no mask, and a super Vader.Very nice...

This skin is a nice little treat for those fans of Darth Vader, With Bright yellow glowing eyes, and some nice colors here and there, I had a problem when loading this skin however, it gives me an error like a missing tcMod Shader... But the default skin is very intruiging, he has some sort of cloaking device, very nice :) Then we have the no cloak vader.. This one is a vader with no cape on his back, with the yellow eyes as mentioned before. Then the no mask is a scared face with alittle bit of hair, nice touch :) . Then we have the Super Vader.. Which is very similar to the no cloak, but with a half torn cape, still good.

This skin pack is awsome, very nice use of computer painting :) Great job, keep up this and you will be one of the greats in no time, can't wait to see more of your work!

New Sounds-Yes Team-Colors-Yes Bot Support-Yes


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  Skin's Name             : Twin_Vader
  Author                  : Shadow Stone
  Email Address           :
  Credits                 : Michael "sithlord-II" Frost, Adam "Cheshire" Lee 
and Matt "Arco" Ferguson (authors of the model chesire_arco_vader)
 Skin's description      : This is a re skin of the model chesire 
arco vader This Model comes with several different types
 of skin. For all of the skins i removed the capebut left the cloak. 
I wanted to make another vader type skin, but always the same kind of 
thing, ike i noticed before in the pass, so i decided to create a twin, 
 Other info(story of twin vader):

Many years after the death of Sith Lord, Darth Vader, a young descendent
of one of Vader's Pupils decided to return to Endor a seek out lord 
Vader’s grave. Saigun, vader's pupil, sought out to the holy grave. 
There he found what was once known as, the most feared being in the
galaxy. Vader's body had perished; all that remained was his armor. 
Saigun took what was left of the armor and returned to his home planet 
"Kolinious". Kolinious was a planet, located at the far end of the galaxy
at the verge of its solar system, it only received a day sunlight every 10 years. 
Saigun took vader's armor and modified to his likings.  
He repaired the suit where it needed repairing and gave it several
enhancements such as the eyewear; even in the darkest area's of the 
galaxy, Saigun would be able to see perfectly. Saigun then went to 
out to test the armor one day, and met a Jedi. The Jedi, known as Jase,
left Saigun with many cuts and bruises, leaving Saigun with the only
option to flee. Saigun the learned that if he was going to become powerful, he
would have to train himself in the art of saber skills. 17 years passed after 
Saigun finally completed his training. He was now more powerful then ever.
He left Kolinious to pay a visit to a Jedi...named Jase. 

  * Construction *

  Programs used             : modview, adobe photoshop, packscape
  Known Bugs              : no (altough sometimes vaders legs will pop out through his cloak, 
not a bug, its just the only thing i didn't like while making the skin)
  * How to use this skin * 
 This model includes several types of different skins, such as in 
console type:
 /model twin_vader/nocloak
 /model twin_vader/unmasked
 /model twin_vader/default_super
 /model twin_vader/default_cloak
 This skin also includes CTF/CTY support; and  bot support as well

-I've included 5 new taunts coming from: Ace Ventura(Jim Carrey), Space Balls(the guy who is vader),
Ausin Powers(dr evil), Dumb and dumber(Jim Carrey) and Termantor(Arnold Schwarzenegger)
-The botfile name of Twin_vader is Saigun

  Unzip the file "twin_vader.pk3" into the GameData/Base directory of wherever you installed Jedi Outcast. 
  Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.
  * Copyright / Permissions *
  <This skin is not to be modified under any circumstances, for use of this model you must contact 
its original creator(refer to credits)> 


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