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I judge maps mostly on four main criteria, architecture, lighting, ambiance and gameplay. Now, with this map, I found it very hard to come t...


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I judge maps mostly on four main criteria, architecture, lighting, ambiance and gameplay. Now, with this map, I found it very hard to come to a decision of whether I liked it or not. This is because, architecturally, and to a lesser extent, ambiance-wise, are both pretty sweet in this map, wheras the lighting, and gameplay are somewhat lacking. :( Especially in the hidden 'neon' duel areas, and that awful space duel section...

I take my biggest issue up with the lighting because, basically, it's not very good. The outdoor areas are FAR too dark, especially in the outcropping sections. The super-bright light at the edges of each pad also look very odd. Looking more closely at bushes and trees, you can see that there's actually different coloured lights being projected onto different faces - now what's that all about? Inside is no better unfortunately - not only are there no apparent sources, some areas are over-bright, and some are pitch black. That's probably due to the texture of the bamboo sticks, except they don't look like bamboo sticks, beacuse instead of being transparent, they have a glaring white background. :(

The flow of this map is also pretty poor, as I couldn't find a way to easily get from the bottom levels to the top. Actually, scrub that - I couldn't get there at all without noclip. Players can't really use the area if they can't get to it can they? The clipping of the trees was also very sloppy - that means you can be standing in midair over it, as it looks like the author has just plonked a giant clip brush about halfway up. The door opening setup on the roof doesn't appear to be powered/moved by anything such as a track, and consequently looks as if it's just floating in midair - something you need to think about fixing.

As I said before, the architecture is fairly decent. Not brilliant, but acceptable, and the skybox and floating platforms give the map a certain sense of 'being there.' You definitely need a higher resolution skybox though, the current one is too pixellated... and the music is a bit too repetetive. Oh yeah, :thumbsup: for getting botroutes in - not enough mappers feel those are a necessary addition, but I assure you, they are :D

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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twist dojo Readme file.
ear me now, dis is da twist dojo!

mappa: d00bie stu
map name: twistdojo

bot elp: aye
New Textures: aye
New Music: aye
Game Types: ffa, tffa, duel
Weapons: no (sorry)
pick-ups: aye

dis is a towa type dojo. da main floa consists of five duel areas, one indoa. 
at da top of da towa is anotha duel area. da roof can also be used as an area 
fa duels. da entire buildin is surrounded by floatin platforms which can be used 
to gain access to da uppa areas.

*there is also a iddun duel area inside da base of da towa.
**dis map is wicked fa duels, but also as bin cukabillyvered to be an interestin snipa level  
(oweva, snipa rifles is not included wiv dis map, so yous would need some type of mod to use them).

dis dojo was built by da request, and pacific specifitacions of clan jj main man, twist. da towa 
was destroyed years ago durin battle, was rebuilt as an pacific replica years lata and as bin there 
eva since. it as da main purpose as bein a dojo fa trainin jedi, but serves as a place fa twist's meditation as well.

=known bugs=
may appear slightly dark on olda pooters.
whun usin emotes on movin objects, players may notice slidin off or gettin stuck on da objects.

to install extract da pk3 from da zip file and place in your base folda.
to delete, send da pk3 to your recycle bin.

twist - concepts, wall/light textures, request fa a dojo.
hooka*masta - jj, osting dis map durin beta phase.
jj clan - support 


*dis readme was writtun and lata tranzlatad by da ali g tranzlata (

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