somewhat neglected in our efforts to keep up with the much more voluminous JKA files queue. Again I apologise for the delay![/i]Here we have Ty294's personal skin! As I have said before, I do like personal skins, as they allow for a bit more creativity and uniqueness that more strictly Star Wars themed skin don't allow. Here we have a re-coloured black Stormtrooper, with some purple markings on the helmet and arms, similar to the kind that is used on Clonetrooper's and such to distinguish between different special squads. Unfortunately though there is no back story given in the readme, so I don't really know what ideas went into the making of this skin or why he has this colour scheme, other than the authors personal preference. I always thing a back story is good for a skin like this, as it gives the character and the skin more depth.I do like the black and purple colour scheme, it looks like this guy is some kind of spy or SpecOps Stormie or something of the sort. There aren't any team skins though, which is unfortunate. I definitely for the next time around this skin should be given team skins and a bit of a back-story to give the character more depth. Apart from that though this is a good looking skin here!If you guys like the look of this then be sure to give it a download! :)New Sounds: NoBot Support:YesTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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