Tycho Brahe

From the Author: It's the skin of one of the two main characters at http://www.penny-arcade.com A pretty good rese...


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File Description

From the Author:

It's the skin of one of the two main characters at http://www.penny-arcade.com

A pretty good resemblance of the character. The hair obviously couldn't be the same without editing the model, but despite that I think it still looks good! This skin also has CTF/CTY support.

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File Info/Author Info 

Title: Tycho Brahe 

File Name: pa-tycho.pk3 

Description: This is my second skin(first released skin). It's the skin of one of the two main characters at www.penny-arcade.com, this also includes ctf and bot support.  Unfortunatly Jerry (Tycho) didn't want to add a custom taunt. 

Date of Release: 04/17 or 18 

Author's Real Name: Anthony Kramer

Author's Jedi Knight 2 Nickname: Damaramu 

Author's Details: I'm from Texas and I'm a Star Wars fan (What else need be known?) 

Machine tested on: If I can run this skin then you should be able too. 

Author's Email Address: acoolguy007@aol.com 

Playing/Installation Instructions 

Unzip the file - "pa-tycho.pk3" into the GameData/Base Directory 
of where ever you installed Jedi Knight 2. Then go into the game 
and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu. 

Disclaimer/Legal Stuff 

This Skin is not made, distributed or supported by Activision or 
Lucasarts Entertainment Company LLC. Elements TM. (However the pants were in the assets.pk3)

This skin has been tested and I would not release it unless I 
thought it was totally safe and unharmful to use. However, I take 
no responsibility for what this does to the computer of anyone who 
chooses to the use skin and will not be held responsible for any 
damage that comes of using it.

You may distrubute this file as you wish, as long as the readme 
file is attached, it is unedited and I am given full credit. Please 
do NOT take any part of this skin and use it in something else 
without my prior permission. (However the pants were taken from the assets.pk3 so you can do what you want with that.)

Credits/Special Thanks 

I'd like to thank Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins for making Penny Arcade.  Also for Jerry not having a problem with me making a Tycho skin.  Expect the Gabe skin coming soon.

Lucasarts and Lucasfilm for giving the public a whole new galaxy to experience.  Raven and Activision for joining in on Jedi Outcast.

And finally to George Lucas, for reasons everyone knows by now.

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