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Well, the title of this map pack certainly inspires confidence in the maps doesn't it? Unique eh? Well.. I'm not so sure about that, but the...


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Well, the title of this map pack certainly inspires confidence in the maps doesn't it? Unique eh? Well.. I'm not so sure about that, but these maps are still good stuff. In this pack there are just the two maps, a lava duel pit, and a 'yellow room.' Both have their upsides and downsides, however the yellow room was the superior of the two.

Lava Duel This map was fun to duel on, albeit extremely difficult, which when you get down to it, is the only thing that matters abut a map - however there's still a few things that need fixing. Firstly, the lava is solid...well I think we all know why that would neex fixing. ;) Secondly, the texture used on the walyways doesn't align properly in all areas - looks a bit odd, but doesn't affect gameplay. There's also a few jump pads which were done very well to be honest - tactical, but requires a certain awareness so you don't get thrown to your death. :D The egdes of the arena (i.e the boxy walls) could have been vastly improved, and some lava effects (possibly ported from JK3) would have made the lava look more realistic. Overall though, whilst basic, still a good map.

Yellow Room As I said before, this was my favourite of the two, because it had more of a design flair than the lava duel map had. This is however, perhaps less exciting to play in, but it looks nicer, and the music works well with it. (Awesome music by the way... but from Linkin park? Didn't see that coming ;) ) The tubes running down the walls with the flowing liquid/energy are a nice touch, and the low-gravity is a change from your standard duel. It did notice an error with the water though. You can see into the void when you look through it toward the wall. Luckily, you can't tell unless you actually bend and look at it, so yea..shouldn't affect gameplay :) The rotating fan is nice too.

Overall this is a fun set of maps - not the most pretty or astounding, but sometimes less is more, if you see what I mean :) But why does the lava duel not have bot routes? Surely you could have challenged yourself to see if you could get them working fairly well?

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Partial

~Szico VII~

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Download 'unique_duels.zip' (3.56MB)


Map Name: Unique Dueling Maps
Author : 'Lord' Spencer Skerry
E-Mail : Psycoboy94@aol.com 

File Name : unique_duels.zip
File Size: 3.4MB
Date Released : 11-5-05 

After the bad reviews of my first release, the Gothic Halloween Map, I decided to try to clear my name here is my attempt. After I read the review
I decided to go back to the basics (although apparently thats what my halloween map was) anyway I read the criticism and tryed to 
improve, but on a smaller scale. These maps are not structural gods by any means, I kept them simple. The whole point here is to make
a map thats fun, thats all. Im sure that with all the mappers out there that these ideas have been used before, but I havent seen them.
What I made was the Yellow Duel Map, which is a map a made for a mappack (never released) that was called funky trooper (it changed CTF
colors to yellow vs. green and had several ffa,ctf and duel maps). The special thing about this map is that its a low gravity map, which 
is fun once you get used to it. The other map is the lava duel map. The lava duel makes you concentrate more on your footing than any map
I have ever seen. One slip and your fried! What really makes this map unique is that you can gun duel in it... with rocket launchers. The
gun dueling is even more of a chalenge because the rocket blasts can knock you right into the lava! 
I have had a lot of fun playing these maps, hopefully not just because I made them :)

New Skins: No
New Sounds: No
New Models: No
Bot Routes: for Yellow Room
New Textures: YES
New Music: Yes
Supported Gameplay: Duel

Music from is Linkin Park off the CD reanimation

* How to install * 

Just extract the unique_duels.zip in GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer MODS. 

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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