Urban Cammo Reborn

I think if Storm Shadow, the super-awesome ninja from the ever-so classic G.I. Joe, had been a force-user he would probably have looked some...


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I think if Storm Shadow, the super-awesome ninja from the ever-so classic G.I. Joe, had been a force-user he would probably have looked something like this Reborn reskin from - Makeshift Wing -. Well, the skin isn’t totally his, he actually got it from http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=2405. He then sort of modified it to his own personal standards. To that extent, I must say he did a fairly good job. As it says in the readme, he changed the camouflage so it looks more like the real thing. I have to agree with him.

Though the difference isn’t immediately noticeable, it does exist. The most drastic change I can see to the skin is in the eyes. It’s like they don’t exist, but they’re there at the same time. Icy eyes, just what every camouflaged reborn needs. He also decided it was necessary to throw a nose ring in there. It adds a nice little personal touch, even if it is pretty unnoticeable. Like I’ve always said, it’s the little things that count. The boots are also totally different. Instead of regular boots, he went ahead and threw some camo down there to make it look more realistic. He also changed up the face some, removing the full beard and giant scar and adding a goatee.

While this isn’t a completely original skin, or even a mostly original skin, I do feel that, in some ways, it surpasses the original. Though I don’t see any point in having both this and the other skin pack at the same time since they’re both similar. But, it’s good. It could really use team support and bot support. Because without, this is purely a FFA skin and probably won’t see much use. I’d like to see what the author would be able to do on a completely clean canvas. I feel confident that something good can come from that. I only hope we see more in the future.

- Daku

New Sounds: No Team Support: No Bot Support: No

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Download 'mswurbancammy.zip' (487KB)

Title : Reborn Urban Cammy
Author : - Makeshift Wing -
E-Mail : n33dle.boy@yahoo.ga
Website : N/A

File Name : MSW-Urban Camo.pk3
File Size : 486 KB
Date Released : 9/6/03

CTF Support : No
Custom Sounds : No
Bot Support : No
Bugs : None that I know of

Installation: : Put the element.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Description/File Info : 

This skin was originaly made by becubed and was a Camo Skin pack, I myself like the Urban camo. So I took it and edited it my own was made to what I thing more of a modern army skin, except the face. If you happen to look at the actual parts you will notiec some are crapily made but they look unbelieveable in the game , I was suprised.  I hope you enjoy this skin and please comment on what I should do on my next version I will only myself work on the boots unless people say I need to work on more.

Comments : 

I'd like to thank Becubed for originall making the skin pack(even though I do not know him)
i'd like to thank everyone at the JK2Files.com server for supporting me
I like to also thank DomTehBomb and TK for helping me with the screenshots and such.


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