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It's too early in the morning for this. Excuse me a moment while I slurp on some coffee....

....Ah, that's better. Nothing like mixin...


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It's too early in the morning for this. Excuse me a moment while I slurp on some coffee....

....Ah, that's better. Nothing like mixing caffeine and clonetroopers, despite what the health warning says. ;)

Well, I'm sure you're all familiar with this pack by now, but just in case here's Inyri's review of v2.

Remember the first version of Vader's Fist? It featured a member of the 501st, based on the regular Jedi Outcast Stormtrooper model. This mod modifies it a little, making the 501st skin the blue team skin. The default skin is now a member of the 212th, which apparently were under Commander Cody's command, and the red team skin is a shocktrooper.

The way this mod is set up is a little strange, and it confused the heck out of me since I tend to give the PK3s a once-over before I test them out in-game. It's set up to be three separate skins, but the 212th has no team support, the 501st has only blue team support, and the shocktrooper has only red team support. At first I didn't forsee this causing any problems, but as outlined in the read-me you'll notice this does cause a couple of bugs.

Overall a few accurate and neat-looking skins which shouldn't be passed up by Star Wars fans. Certainly a good addition to anyone's prequel archives.

Team Support: Yes-ish Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No New Sounds:Yes


Apparently, this version is a small bugfix. A few team support errors and skin problems?

You sure that's all you fixed? The bots in v2 were as thick as two short planks, but these ones seem to be able to shoot... barely. One actually managed to frag me! Well... technically it was kickback from a thermal detonator, but...

Yeah. The bots now seem smarter. This enigmatic error with team support (which I didn't encounter when I retro-tested v2 twenty minutes ago, but apparently it only happens under a certain set of circumstances which I seem to have not replicated) should now be fixed, so if you got that, this update will remove it as all the skins are now in one folder. The skins have also been tweaked to fix a few fugly discrepanices, according to the author.

Well, if you had any headaches with v2, download this update. If not, download it anyway, because it makes life less of a pain in the ass. Other than the few adjustments mentioned, Inyri's review of the previous version applies fully.

~ Kouen

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Title			: Vader's Fist(V2.5).pk3

Author: Achilles24
E-mail:			 [email protected]
File Name: 		 Vader's Fist(V2.5).pk3
File Size:		 2 MB
Date Released: 	         5/07
Build Time:		 About two days (V2.5)
Custom Sound:		 Yes
Bot support:		 Yes
team Support: 		 Yes

Changes: From version 1 to 2 I added two more skins, from 2 to 2.5 I fixed some team support problems and fixed up a few skin problems on the models.

Description: Contains three skins: Shocktrooper, 501st legion trooper and a 212th airborne trooper.
The Shocktroopers were the main police force on Courascant during the Clone wars, they were generally ruthless and there were many reports of confiscation of private property by them. Later they were transformed into Palpatine's personal guard.
The 501st legion was comprised completely of Jango fett clones. Due to their proximity and work with Vader they were given the name: 
"Vader's Fist" this was also due to their ruthless execution of Vader's order's, no matter what they were.
The 212th air borne division was commanded by Commander Cody, after the execution of order 66 they subjugated Utapau.

Small glitches: If you want to be historically accurate make sure to select the right bots for each team, otherwise you will get red 501st clones and blue shocktrooper clones, make sure you do not select the team bots when playing a FFA game or you will end up with regular stormies.
Installation: Just stick the .pk3 file in your gamedata base folder.

Raven for their Stormtrooper skin.
Clone348: For his Ep3 clone skin.
gingerguy: For some skin pieces from his Episode 3 clones. 


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